LeBron James fully supports Jason Kidd after Tuesday’s confrontation with media

Yessince his days Team USA, LeBron James you have a good friendship with you Jason Kidd.Over the years, the two sides have maintained a fairly close relationship, so when Mavericks Head coach furious with media king james He was given full support.

Tuesday night, after Kidd plays for the Dallas Mavericks 121-115 win houston rocketsThe head coach had heated conversations with the media, especially ESPN reporters Tim McMahon.

since Kyrie Irving’s arrival Mavericks Last season, some media outlets insisted that he and another star of the team, Luka Doncicunable to form a good team, especially at critical moments.

Tuesday, Kidd Finally got tired of questions about it and said, “I’m giving you the damn answer. It’s okay to write positive things. People will read you positive things. You don’t have to always be Negative

LeBron gives support to Jason

Despuesde Kidd’s pull, LeBron James Jump up and support him.Response to video Kidd’s at a press conference, lakers The striker said, “J was going to curse, and you know he wasn’t happy at all! I don’t think I’ve ever heard him curse.”

james Recalling that he already knew Kidd For a long time, he thought his reaction was irritation at being so insistent on the same topic.But he also promised that he would definitely correct.

I mean from competing with him, working with him, playing for him. no way! He’s hot and quite frankly right! Love J Kidd!

James Owen.

James and Kidd have a long history

Kidd and james Almost always rivals on the court, except for a few months in 2008, when the two were Team USASo-called “Redemption Squad” and won a gold medal 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Later, the two met at a party Los Angeles LakersWhere Kidd Came here as an assistant coach and james Already one of the stars of the team.

And not only have a good relationship with him Kiddhe is also linked to Irving as they both share cleveland cavaliers locker room.There are even rumors that Owen are looking to take james arrive dallas next season.

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