Leni, daughter of Briatore by Heidi Klum, poses with Nathan Falko: Are we the same?

Leni, Heidi Klum’s daughter with Flavio Briatore, shares a photo of herself posing next to Nathan Falco, son of entrepreneur and ex-wife Elisabetta Gregoriani.

Leni Klum and Nathan Falco Briatore they pose together in the first photo taken for social media. Two sons of Flavio Briatore – the first, never recognized, born from a connection with Heidi Klum; instead of him, a second was born from marriage with Elisabetta Gregorachi – they showed themselves close, hugging and accomplices in the picture posted on Leni’s Instagram profile. “Notice the similarity?writes the 19-year-old daughter of the supermodel, hugging her brother.

Flavio Briatore never recognized Leni Klum

Legally, Leni and Nathan have no connection whatsoever. Flavio Briatore, the father of both boys, never recognized the daughter born of a long relationship with a supermodel, while remaining a constant presence in the girl’s life. The decision not to legally recognize Leni was made by Briatore and Heidi by mutual agreement so that Seal, Klum’s previous partner, could recognize the child and raise her while guaranteeing her a father figure. The British artist, in fact, was the one who acted as her father. “I’m proud of her, but I love her less than Falco.– Briatore said about his daughter, who was born to him from a former partner, with whom he always remained close. It was he himself who told his son about the existence of a biological sister: “We told him a couple of years ago that it was great, and he said, “Dad, I already knew.” And also because now children go to Google and find out everything“.

Commentary by Elisabetta Gregoracci

The fact that harmony and affection reigns between the two brothers is evidenced not only by the photo published on Instagram. Also Elisabetta Gregorachi, Nathan’s mother, confirmed that the bond between brother and sister would be strong, even though the two children had drifted apart. And under the photo posted by young Leni, the presenter commented: “You are handsome“.

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