Lionel Messi’s breakfast: a family tradition that can’t be changed

Lionel Messi arrives in Miami in search of a new life and new air, offering a most human look at the Argentine star as he reveals for the last time some closely guarded secrets about his personal, family and football life.

The Inter Miami forward revealed in a recent interview that his favorite foods include grilled meat, Milanese and pasta, but he also admitted that he allows himself chocolate, dulce de leche and ice cream. “I love everything sweet and I can’t resist it. “I try not to overdo it, but sometimes I indulge myself,” he says.

Messi made it clear that he has many quirks and mentioned some of them, although he also assured: “I have other quirks that are worse, but I prefer to keep them secret.” In this case, the footballer Explaining that he prepares breakfast for the next day every night and emphasizing that he obeys unchangeable orders.

The footballer surprisingly detailed the breakfast-related ritual he shares with his children and wife Antonella Rocuzzo. “At breakfast, everyone has their place at the table and I always sit in the same place. The kids, Antonella and me,” Messi stressed, adding that both in his home He would take off his shoes even in the homes of people he trusted because he couldn’t stand them.

Lionel Messi seems happier and more relaxed since joining Major League Soccer side Inter Miami. The footballer, who had won all the honors in Europe and the world championship with the Argentine national team, faced a new sporting arena that energized him and his family.

At the beginning of August, the best player in the world arrived in Florida, settling there with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo and children Thiago, Mateo and Ciro. Recently, they bought a mansion, and on social media you can see them all enjoying their time, sharing outdoor activities, without the media pressure they experienced in previous years in Europe.

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