‘Little House on the Prairie’ actress Hertha Parady dies at 78

Hertha Paradythe actress who played professor alice and a friend of the ingalls family in the series little house on the prairieDied last month after undergoing surgery for a meningioma in Norfolk, Virginia. He is 78 years old.

His death was announced by his son Jonathan Pefrol, who created a GoFundMe page to help pay for his illness. Her friend and co-star on the show, Alison Argreen, writing a few words about the loss in a Facebook post, saying: “Our wild, indomitable and talented Hertha has left us. rest in peace.

He made his debut in the third season of the series created by Michael Landon in 1976 as Eliza IngallsSister-in-law of Charles Ingalls. In season four, she played Professor Alice Garvey, a role she played until season six.

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His final appearance was one of the highest-rated episodes of the entire series.titled may we make them proudIn this two-hour episode, Alice runs into a burning school for the blind to rescue the children inside, including Mary and Adam Ingalls’ son. Alice finds the babies and tries to escape by climbing through the upstairs bedroom window, but they both die in the flames.

The scene where Alice tries to break through a school window with the baby has become an urban legend on TV, according to the show’s creators, michael langdon, who played a prank on paradis Replace the false and breakable glass usually used in such scenes with unbreakable windows.

This made Parady work harder during the escape, leading to the teacher exploiting the image of the boy as what many fans still refer to as “the boy.” “Baby battering ram”.

“The window was not easily broken, and as Michael Langdon has pointed out many times, I am not a meek and delicate woman, so When I try to pop something, I usually get this’” Parady said in a tribute interview for the series. “I was determined to get out no matter what!” “

Despite the show’s tragic ending, which was unusual for a major character at the time, Paradis often refers to his final episode as your favourite little house on the prairie. “Despite the imminent doom it would bring, at least I came away with a growl and not a whimper,” he said in an interview.

“This was the first time I worked with special effects crews and LA firefighters, surrounded by ‘controlled’ fires and fire extinguishers at the ready, I’m ready to act crazy!i love every minute’, she recalls excitedly.

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paradis appeared in tv series such as Phoenix (1981), unsolved puzzle (1996), second noah (1996) and Kenan and Kyle (1997).he also appeared in the movie raw courage (1984) and rest (nineteen ninety-five).

As the disease progressed, Parady moved from his home in Van Nuys, California, to Peverell’s home in Norfolk, according to a GoFundMe page his son started after his tumor diagnosis. Although brain surgery earlier this summer initially appeared to be successful, Parady subsequently developed pneumonia and required the use of a ventilator as his condition worsened.

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