Maneskin, victory at the MTV VMA and a kiss from Taylor Swift

MTVI Maneskin they win a prize “Best Rock” and they also get an endorsement from an award-winning woman Taylor Swift. The Roman group wins and receives an award at the Video Music Awards gala, which took place on Tuesday, September 12, in New Jersey, USA.

Maneskin continue to excel internationally, winning the Best Rock category at the MTV Video Music Awards. All over the world, certificates of honor continue to be awarded to the Roman group, which became known to the general public thanks to its participation in X – Factor and winner of Sanremo and Eurovision 2021 with the song “Zitti e Buoni”.

This year the song “The loneliest” taken from the latest album “Rush”. The reaction of award-winning American singer Taylor Swift during the performance of the Italian group led by Damiano also went around the world. As the latter walked in front of the audience, the Queen of American Pop kissed the singer, showing her appreciation for the performance and for the proposed song (the group performed on stage after the awards ceremony to the tune of “Honey, Are You Coming?”, their latest success). A kiss that did not go unnoticed and spread around the Internet.

Taylor Swift remains the undisputed queen of the competition: the American singer and actress won 9 out of 11 awards, and also won the Song of the Year award with her song.Anti hero

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