Marco Besecchi in an interview with MOW: “I don’t go crazy when people say I look like Sik. Concessions to Honda and Yamaha? Absolutely not.” — MOW

St.And if you could help another Academy rider find accommodation, would you be more willing to consider Ducati Pramac?

“No. I’m sorry. But I have to look at mine. Among the riders, no one ever helped me, my managers and my family helped me. It’s a sport in general.”

The trash talk you’re having with Pekko Banaya is one of the funniest things this year. Did Dorna ask you?

“No, but it’s coming. We’re just like that.”

“Oh, look how much you won, it comes to six here. Now let’s do a rematch.” Let’s reset the score, most likely he will try harder.

What you really shouldn’t tell Pekko not to do this? Really back off?

“Ah, we really say everything to each other. Obviously we’re always joking, we say things like that, a little heavy and with a little bit of truth. Then, if someone passes by, it’s another matter, but this has never happened, and let’s hope that this will continue.”

Which of the two of you will be stronger at the ranch?


What about Jeepers Kart or at least MiniGP?



“Well, let’s put it this way, the Ranch is more competitive, and I’m faster than him on the MiniGP. The problem is that Vietti beats both of us.”

I lead three to two, starting to doubt that Marco is letting me win so as not to lose focus on important things.

Have you ever wondered if Valentino Rossi is your fan? Because that’s the point, right? Before you were his fan, now he loves to watch your races too.

“I’ll tell you, it’s weird. As far as I understand, he is the undisputed number one, maybe not everyone thinks the way I do. But I feel very lucky.”

The ball spins like a pinball machine and hits his zone, he almost freaks out: “Oh, diobò! If this one comes, I’ll go home, look. How long are we, five to two? I understand why you made me do the interview this way because I can’t do two things together.” I laugh, if it keeps up like this, it’s done: “When have I ever beaten a MotoGP rider?” I tell him. “Ah, I hope never again.”

Have you ever been afraid to disappoint Valentino?

“Yes, of course. But I think it’s normal, then the racing in his team all the more.”

What is Marco Besecchi afraid of, besides losing another game of foosball?

“Apart from the game, nothing.”

He also lost the second. At this moment, I no longer ask him to play, it is he who wants to and quickly throws the ball onto the field.

On the tail of a motorcycle you wrote “sburoni si nasce”: what is the craziest thing you have done this year?

“In my opinion, a victory at Le Mans. It was a real fight with two or three seeds of MotoGP, so that was probably the most difficult. Messi shirt? Nice, yes, but I didn’t do it.”

I return the ball to the field, he hits and immediately scores, but it doesn’t seem fair to him: “Come on, it doesn’t count,” he says.

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