Mary Jane shoes, trend 2023: the most chic models

land we have views at the foot of everything, from Alice (in Wonderland) To Shirley Templefrom Amal Clooney To Kendall Jenner. And walk the catwalks of fashion shows for at least two seasons. Now is the time to make them yourself: focus on brand new Mary Jane shoes.

August outfit: 5 elegant outfits worth copying

August outfit: 5 elegant outfits worth copying

It’s shoes ideal for showing off at the end of summer, in anticipation of autumn: for a return in the name of good taste.

Sketch of the most chic Mary Jane

Simple, mostly black, with a strap in front just below the ankle and a comfortable square heel. Someone still calls them Baby to remember the origin or the cartoon character. Buster Brown (in Italy Mimmo Mammolo), popular at the beginning of the 20th century: the younger sister of the protagonist was called Mary Jane and she wore shoes that would go down in history, accepted into her collections first Brown shoe company Missouri, and soon around the world.

A favorite in swinging London, today they are the epitome of Parisian elegance and are available in many styles and styles. Even if the core features remain essential: sophistication in the first place, combined with comfort.

Mary Jane Shoes: Fall 2023 Trends

Yes, if even Kendall Jenner after the red carpet of the Met Gala 2023 exchanged floating platform boots for Mary Jane shoes with heels (from Jimmy Choo, for those who love link like a star), there is no doubt: Mary Jane pumps are the most practical and easy to wear, especially for those who are not used to heights. How to unravel the infinity of fashion models in 2023? Autumn-winter sees several noble confirmations already seen in spring-summer: starting with View Bottega Veneta arrive at Prada on a cubic Texas heel at the feet of all It Girls. And then versions with double designer straps. Valentine And Aim From Dior.

Aime shoes and Mary Janes 2023 shoes from Dior.

Vintage style, romantic or party

Forget about the punk and gothic of the past. Ultimately, to be sure of making a long-term purchase, in 2023, ideally, you should focus on the timeless model of Mary Jane shoes that catch your eye at the dawn of the trend: at best, in glossy, black or red patent leather, in Shirley Temple. Childish, up to a certain point: he thought about offering them as before. miu miufollowed by niche brands such as leather lane, Jonak AND boothwith excellent value for money.

Mary Jane in base skin, Jonak.

For lovers of vintage style, a slightly square toe will be a stylish detail (flattered). For little girls who never grew up, the soft top provides a faster stride and extra comfort (I repeatbut also mango). The latest style piece for the upcoming season? Mary Jane party in metallic shadesGianvito Rossi) or with embellished straps (reform).

How to match Mary Jane in 2023

How to wear children’s shoes in an adult way? A heel, even if a few cm, helps in styling. Pairs perfectly with straight jeans And mini skirtsMary Jane becomes a key figure student style look more original when worn with a pair socks ribbed or knee socks veiled.

Special-occasion glossy Mary Janes pair perfectly with dresses and skirts (Photo: Getty Images/

And they represent the chicest choice for those who struggle withceremonial outfits 2023: more elegant than ballerinas, more daring than classic pumps. Not to mention that they greatly rejuvenate the ensemble. Give it back a little, girls.


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