Miley Cyrus: a beautiful pop story

Over the years, she has become a champion of the art of being reborn from one’s ashes: from the turning point in 2013 with “Wrecking ball”, the hit with which – amidst provocations and transgressions – locked the cumbersome character of Hannah Montana in the attic, to record from the rock attitude “Plastic hearts” of 2020, passing through the Abercrombie & Fitch phase of 2017 of “Younger now”, Miley Cyrus has proven time and time again that she is one of the most chameleonic pop stars of her generation This time there is not only an image to reinvent, but also a career.

That of the former Disney starlet seemed to get bogged down between unsuccessful records and a few holes in the water: .a crisis was needed, to find the spark again. The one who went through next the end of the marriage with Liam Hemsworth he exorcised it by writing the songs that are now part of “Endless Summer Vacation”, his first album in three years: it comes out tomorrow and the wait is skyrocketing, inevitably fueled by the dizzying numbers of the catchphrase “Flowers”, which l ‘has brought back to the top of the world rankings exactly ten years after “Wrecking ball”, allowing it to total over 620 million streams on Spotify in less than two months.

The focus track of “Endless Summer Vacation”, always accompanied tomorrow by one special on Disney+ which will mark her return “home” (it was from 2011, the year of the closure of “Hannah Montana”, the TV series that made her the idol of an entire generation of teenagers around the world, that the pop star associated his face to Disney), however, is not “Flowers”, but another song. It’s simply titled “You“: it’s not new. Miley had already included it in the live album “Attention: Miley Live”, released last year, before recording it for “Endless Summer Vacation”: written just after the end of the turbulent relationship with the Australian actor launched by “The Hunger Games”, to which the singer-songwriter – without ever mentioning it – accuses not only betrayals, but also toxic attitudes,

has become the manifesto of the rebirth of the 30-year-old pop star. Here he talks about his desire for freedom, between “wild sex under the moon”, “dance in the open air”, “cut your hair”: “I’m not made for horses and carriages”, she sings, emphasizing her rebellious, unruly and indomitable nature.

From “Flowers” ​​itself to “Wonder Woman” (a title that says it all), “Endless Summer Vacation” is a concept about self-love and courage, full of songs that sound like anthems of pride and desire for self-assertion: “I divided the album into two parts.

AM coincides with morning, which offers a potential for new possibilities. PM coincides with the night: it’s a great time to rest and recover energy, but also to give vent to your wildest side. For me it is very inspiring,” she explains about the album in a video posted on social media, showing the camera lens the motorcycle tattooed on her right shoulder, to reclaim her love for risk and danger. . The disc was recorded in Los Angeles, produced and written together with hitmakers such as Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson, Greg Kurstin and Mike Will Made It (at his side already ten years ago in “Bangerz”, the album of which the same was a part “Wrecking ball”), practically the masterminds behind the record hits of Harry Styles, Adele and Katy Perry. Among the guests are .Brandi Carlile (with whom he duets in “Thousand Miles”), Is (alongside him on “Muddy Feet”) e James Blake (appears among the authors of “Violet Chemistry”).

In this handful of songs Miley has laid bare, telling his personal redemption without filtersshowing herself even stronger and more self-confident than she had done so far: “I can buy myself flowers, write my name in the sand. Talking to myself for hours. I can take me dancing, hold my hand: I can love myself better than you”, she sings in the verses of “Flowers”, released at the right time, which have already become a manifesto – social – for thousands of girls all over the world for weeks. This time he doesn’t ride wrecking balls, as in the iconic video of “Wrecking ball”: on the cover of “Endless Summer Vacation” she holds on like a trapeze artist to a metal bar suspended in the airwith all the strength it has. She was on the verge of falling, she wants to tell us: but she was good at holding on.

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