NBA Season Results: Team Qualifications and Eliminations into Tournament Quarterfinals

The NBA mid-season tournament is a fact. This is the first edition. Also in the final stages, Commissioner Adam Silver expressed his personal wish that this type of cup competition for the best league in the world will continue to exist.This is not the first move by the manager, who has invented it against the backdrop of coronavirus play While many viewed this as a measure that hurt the competition, it ended up becoming an important part of the NBA we know today. A country in full swing, continuously open, with a new collective agreement, accompanied by something that could only have been whispered a few years ago, but is now a reality.

After the first stage of the competition, a total of eight teams advanced to the next round. These teams are the Knicks, Bucks, Celtics, Pacers, Suns, Lakers, Pelicans, and Kings.The remaining franchises have been eliminated Every Tuesday and every Friday after the game Regular season, these games count both for the above balance and for the NBA Cup. All of these matches were played in quite eye-catching colours, unlike the normal matches played on other days which had no bearing on the championship. These have the usual tracks.

The quarter-finals will be held on December 4-5, with the best-performing team in the group playing at home. Las Vegas will be the only venue to host the semifinals and finals: the format will be similar to the Final Four, win or go home in each of them. In other words, whoever wins goes to the next round, and whoever loses goes home. The semi-finals will be held on the 7th, and the finals will be held on the 9th, when the first champion in the history of the in-season competition will be decided.

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