Official trailer for Pablo Larraín’s film at the Venice 80 competition.

In El Conde, Augusto Pinochet becomes a vampire who is desperately looking for a way to kill himself. The feature film will be available on Netflix starting September 15th.

What would happen if augusto pinochet was a vampire desperately looking for a way to die? From this surreal premise unfolds the latest work Pablo Larrain, El CondeV Competition at Venice Film Festival 2023 and from September 15th on Netflix. To mark the start of the Festival, scheduled to run from August 30 to September 9, the streaming giant released Official Trailer project that offers a first look at aesthetics in Black and white chosen by the director.

El Conde – Pablo Larrain again at competitions in Venice

Pablo Larrain therefore returning to competitions in Venice after the presentation in 2021 Spencer – biopic about Lady Diana with Cristern Stewart. expected at the festival August 31, El Conde therefore, the historical figure of Pinochet is rethought in a completely new and unusual guise, returning the director to a meeting with a topic dear to him. The effects of Pinochet’s dictatorship on the Chilean population were actually explored by Larrain in his first three works: Tony Manero, Posthumous AND No – Rainbow days. No one El CondeHowever, the politician himself becomes the protagonist, placed at the center of a seemingly endless epic.

To take on the role of Augusto Pinochet, we find Jamie Wadell, who claims the Volpi Cup for the best male performance with one of the most surreal roles we will see at the Festival. Then they complete throw Paula Luchsinger and Alfred Castro, fetish movie actor Larraina. Originally conceived as a mini-series. El Conde therefore, the audience and the international jury of the Venice Film Festival, chaired by Damien Chazelle and composed of Saleh Bakri, Jane Campion, Mia Hansen-Löwe, Gabriele Mainetti, Martin McDonagh, Santiago Mitre, Laura Poitras and Shu Kui, are preparing for discussion. In the feature film competition, Larraine will have to see her with titles such as Poor creatures! Yorgos Lanthimos, Priscilla Sofia Coppola, Murderer David Fincher I am the captain Matteo Garrone ferrari Michael Mann DogMan Luc Besson. The director, meanwhile, is already working on his next project, Marybiopic about opera icon Maria Callas featuring Angelina Jolie, which is expected to be filmed from October to December. Waiting for it El Conde arrivals on Netflix, so meeting in August 31find out the first reaction of the public and critics.

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