SAG Awards 2023 red carpet: the looks of the stars

The 2023 SAG Awards brought celebrities back to the red carpet. From Zendaya’s return after her Golden Globes absence to the cast of The White Lotus (including homegrown stars), here are the most beautiful looks spotted on the red carpet of this new edition. Los … Read more

revelation about Eugenio Colombo of Men and Women

The winner of the Gf Vip 7 – There is always great tension between the Big Brother Vip contestants these days. Quarrels, discussions, loves and jokes are the order of the day. But who will be the winner? A vippone of the Gf Vip … Read more

‘They told me Marvel would ruin my reputation’

Emanuela Di Pinto | 2 March 2023, 8.22 pm FILM INFORMATION In cinema there is often a tendency to make a real caesura between the actors according to the projects in which they participate. In recent years many have led to … Read more

Libri, fumetti e videogiochi: tutte le serie tv in uscita nel 2023

Libri,  fumetti e videogiochi: tutte le serie tv in uscita nel 2023 nel nostro agile calendario, in continuo e costante aggiornamento, con anticipazioni, date e trailer dove ovviamente disponibili. Siamo agli inizi del 2023 e fra nuove uscite e annunci c’è sicuramente tantissimo da vedere. … Read more

“It’s not a movie made to please”

Six months after the release of Blonde on Netflixfor the protagonist Ana De Armas it’s time to take some pebbles off your shoe. The movie of Andrew Dominik has been heavily criticized, if not reviled, by those who believe the book adaptation about Marilyn Monroe … Read more