Polite Society – Operation “Marriage”, clip of a new comedy

Universal pictures released a clip in Italian, taken from Polite Society – Operation Marriage, in Italian cinemas from June 14.

Polite Society – Operation Marriage quirky and original British action comedy directed by Nida Manzur and produced by Working Title in association with Parkville Pictures. The film is an entertaining blend of action scenes and the relationship between two sisters who clash with cultural and family expectations in London’s Pakistani community. Main character Priya Kansarathe rising English star has already been spotted in Bridgerton AND half bad and here in the role of Riya, a rebellious teenager who dreams of becoming a famous stuntwoman and will do anything to save his sister from a wedding that shouldn’t be celebrated. Ritu Arya, British actress among translators Umbrella Academy and Red Notice, instead, she plays the role of her older sister, Lena.

Polite Society – Operation Marriage leads Nida Manzurtelevision writer and director, best known for hit British sitcom We are parts of a lady, here is his film debut. “What I love most about film and television is the opportunity to engage marginalized communities in mainstream genres — action, science fiction, comedy,” says the director, “and occupy narrative spaces where we are often invisible. I also wanted to make a movie about two sisters that was about sisterly love, because I don’t think you see that in many films. It’s a very close and loving relationship, but when you fight with your brothers and/or sisters, the conflict can be very violent.”

Plot of the film

Ria Khan, a rebellious student and aspiring martial artist, dreams of becoming a world famous stuntwoman. When her older sister Lena gives up her dream by dropping out of art school and getting engaged, Riya’s world is turned upside down. She believes she must save her sister from the shackles of marriage the only way she knows how. Then, with the help of her friends, she tries to carry out a very ambitious plan against marriage in the name of freedom and sisterhood.

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