Registration: Sydney Sweeney stars in the film adaptation of Madison Lawson’s novel.

Still unpublished in the United States, Madison Lawson’s novel “Registration” has already received a film adaptation. The protagonist of the project, Sidney Sweeney, is also involved as a producer.

Sydney Sweeney – young star launched by the series Euphoria – keep collecting new interesting projects. Last few days, Timing actually announced the participation of the actress Registration, adaptation of the novel of the same name thriller Madison Lawson – which will be published on 27 September.

Registration – The first details of the thriller with Sidney Sweeney

At the moment, not many details of the plot of the project are known. CollidersHowever, he did share the plot of the opening novel, which therefore provides some clues as to the direction the feature film will take. Registration installed in dystopian futurewhere people can register a murder before it is committed, to make their crime legal, within 14 days. Linell Mize so he decides to use this law to get rid of a dangerous person from his past, only to find that someone else has already registered his name. Thus, less than two weeks after her likely murder, Lynell will have to find out who this stranger is who wants her dead, but also learn about other people who have reported wanting to kill her. Thus, with the help of a husband who abandoned her some time ago, the young heroine will have to explore her past in search of the truth. answers that could save her.

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Sony has acquired the rights to the novel, and we find a veteran on the production team Brad Fullerwith her Fuller Media, – already for success Don’t open that door, doomsday AND Quiet place and sequels – and Sidney Sweeney herself with her company Fifty-Fity Films. Instead, the script will be edited Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski. Sweeney – the young star of the series Euphoria AND White Lotus – expected in numerous projects, among which stand out Madame Web – Sony comic book starring Dakota Johnson and remake Barbarella, cult with Jane Fonda. Other feature films he will star in are an R-rated romantic comedy. Anyone but you – in which he shares a set with Glen Powell –drama American and horror Irreproachablethe action takes place in Italy – the cast also includes Benedetta Porcaroli, edited by Alvaro Morte. The thriller recently made its streaming debut on HBO Max. Realityin which the actress is dressed fabrics from twenty-five year old winner of reality, former US Air Force and NASA interpreter e US Secret Service Specialist, accused of divulging confidential information to the press. With regard to Registrationjust have to wait for new ones updates about the release date and other actors.

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