Romantic Summer: 3 movies to watch this summer

They say that spring is the time for love, but how many lovers are born in the summer? Sometimes they are fleeting, they don’t last long, just those vacation days, but they are so intense that you think you have lived the story of the book. One of those favorite authors in which you are reflected in the main character – or in the main character – and you can not help but love. In short, short, but intense. And to fully “breathe” those love vibes, we’re here this summer to bring you 3 romantic movies to catch up on if you’ve never seen them. Or maybe reconsider if you’ve already done so. We’ve tried to pick a few films from this year to try and give you at least one that you haven’t seen yet. Are we ready to open them? Let’s go to!

fall in love again

Love Again (2023) - IMDb Just a few months ago, Love, the undisputed protagonist of this film, came out again in our cinemas, Priyanka Chopra Jonas With Sam Heughan. Two guest stars in this movie Celine Dionwhich will play a key role e Nick Jonass, Priyanka’s real life husband. From the title “To fall in love again” you can guess that this is not such a simple story. In fact, children’s illustrator Mira Rae decided to fall out of love after her husband’s death. Never being able to “get rid” of him forever, she continued to text him, sending text messages to her old number. What Mira doesn’t know is that this number has been given to another person, Rob Burns, who will be affected by these messages. More and more intrigued by the sender, he decides to try and get to know her. Will our illustrator try to give a second love a chance? To figure out!


Ghost (2023) - IMDb This is perhaps the third film in which Ana De Armas AND Chris Evans they find themselves acting together, but the first time they’re a couple! More or less… Evans plays the role of Cole Turner, a romantic farmer who meets a girl on vacation in Washington. This girl is Cedi, with whom he will have an unforgettable first date. The girl will return to London and from that moment on she will not respond to any of Cole’s messages. Pushed by his parents to a romantic and adventurous gesture, he goes to London in search of a girl, not wanting to come to terms with the fact that he is a “ghost”. There, he will discover the real reason why Stools never answered him, she is a CIA agent, in the midst of a mission, and their lives will be in irrevocable danger. Who doesn’t love a romantic love story with an adrenaline rush?

love tactics

Tactics of Love (2022) | And here we offer a Turkish film with a beautiful and talented Demet Ozdemi. Next to him is a Turkish actor Shukru Oziyldyz, it is known that the sequel “Love Tactics 2” was also released last month. So I would say that if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time to bring it back, because not only will it make you fall in love, but it will make you die of laughter. Asli is a strong and independent woman, a well-known stylist who maintains a blog in which she explains to girls how to win a man and keep him “on a leash”. Kerem is practically Asla’s man, he is arrogant and self-confident, the perfect Latin lover. Agreeing to put his tactics into practice, Aslı decides to conquer Kerem and then leave him, simply to emphasize the effectiveness of his tactics. Kerem also decides to win the girl in order to win the bet he made with his friends and heal the wound the girl caused her ego. In this ongoing struggle, where the one who falls in love loses, perhaps both will win in the end …


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