Ronaldo’s ex-partner joins OnlyFans and promises great photos

brazilian ex partner Ronaldo Nazario, Michelle Mezzuwill join the adult content platform, the only fanHe made it clear, though, that his photos will be artistic.

“Now I know that there are different styles and types of material. I want to do a lot of artistic nudes with my physique,” the bodybuilder also explained to the Brazilian press.

Bodybuilder Michel Mezu is the former partner of Brazilian Ronaldo.

Michele Umezu’s Blue Pages have the full support of her family

Likewise, the model assured her that she was getting family and Alexanderhis son with the world champion 1994 for the United States and 2002 for Korea and Japan.

“I use my body as an art for sport and I have the support of family and friends who understand that I am trying to achieve a competitive physique. Art has nothing to do with vulgarity as I was already photographed and photographed in Japan when I was 14 years old Fashion shows, when I was an international model; also, my son supported me, he already supported me in fitness,” he added.

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Finally, she explains that despite being 40, she has enough self-esteem to create good content on Blue Pages: “At 40, it’s possible to outdo yourself professionally, emotionally, as a mother and as an athlete, yes Your own people. Today I have self-respect.”

Michelle Mezzo reveals how her intimate life changed after using steroids

Michele Umezu, Ronaldo’s former partner

Instagram: @micheleumezu

former partner of Ronaldo He admits that the use of steroids to increase muscle mass has caused him a lot of side effects.

michelle mezzo It was explained that the use of the drug caused hair loss, acne and the main effect was a significant increase in libido.

“I didn’t know much about the topic during that time. My ex mishandled everything, I got acne, thick body hair, hair loss and my voice changed at the time,” the bodybuilder explained to local media road.

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“The fact that there are some hormones, like testosterone, that increase libido, and generally women who use them have a high libido… I became insatiable. It’s not healthy, and it’s already a side issue of hormones. Teen hormone drugs,” he said.

This bodybuilder is one of the fitness stars your account InstagramShe has more than 200,000 followers and often shares photos and videos of her gym.

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