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For Salma Hayek it has now become a habit to show yourself in social networks in the most natural way. The latest Instagram shot is a celebration of the actress’ true self, her true unfiltered self appearing in the foreground without makeup and with a few gray hairs peeking out from under her roots.

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“I wake up and count how many wrinkles and gray hair ruined the party this morning,” reads the caption under the photo. After all, this is not the first time that the 56-year-old star of Mexican origin publishes footage. #makeupfreeaimed at highlighting her deeply rooted inclination towards the notion of beauty, free from filters and gimmicks.

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Awareness of one’s appearance, not dependent on prejudices, age, conventions, and now spreading among Hollywood (but also home-grown) top ranks. Just a few days ago it was Jennifer Aniston to show off her gray streak and again Andie MacDowell spotted without a trace of makeup outside a hotel during the Cannes Film Festival. In recent years, the latter has established itself as a champion of gray hair, abandoning dyeing. A choice that, as she herself stated, allows her to feel “free and happy.”

The desire to show the most authentic and unfiltered side is now entrenched among over 50 who are increasingly becoming spokesmen for naturalness, posting photos on social networks without retouching.

Among the senior stars who supported this approach, Julianne Moore62 years old Demmy Moor60 years, Jennifer Lopez53, and even local Barbara D’Urso66 years old Don Parietti, 61 years old and many others.

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