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st.Hayek’s soul he once again demonstrated on social networks all his self-confidence, being a man over 50 years old, by posting confidently one click without makeup and with me White hair. Now that a large group of women who are not afraid of silver hair have amassed a large following among royalty, among Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Aniston, starting with Andie MacDowell, who started this trend with her transition, we also approached this issue with some irony.

Laws Salma Hayek56 years old, who in a funny post with a carousel of photos advises how to cover gray hair without coloring.

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While this may seem like an obvious solution, since we’ve all adopted this trick without even thinking about it, she managed to highlight its trickiness. What is it about? Don’t wear sunglasses as a bandage on your as not to expose the gray hair on the sides of the ears.

Only by letting her hair down did the star solve the problem, if it ever was for her, of not having time to dye her hair.

This is nothing new, given that we all have our own tricks to get through the “in-between” periods between one color and another. Do you want some?
1. The roots are not flat, but more mask the separation between natural hair and regrown hair.
2. Side row in the opposite part from the one where the gray hair is concentrated, hidden under the length of the beam.
3. Soft and voluminous hairstylessuch as the messy bun and the topknot bun, designed specifically to hide the presence of white strands of hair.

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