Sandra Bullock 10 Movies With an Oscar Award-winning Actress

eclectic talent, Sandra Bullock, Academy Award-winning dramatic actress Blind area, also nominated for the film Sci-fi Gravity, but is equally known for romantic comedies such as lake house of time or for a cult action movie (speed), both with a friend Keanu Reeves.

Right to claim Bullock With lost city where she plays a writer stranded in the jungle.

IN High-speed train play with a friend Brad Pitt.

;Bullet Train at Sky Cinema with Sky Cinema Collection Brad Pitt Mania

Let’s follow his career by looking back at some of his most illustrative films as an actor and hoping that his decision to stay in film (identity crisis? Finding the lost road?) is only temporary.

Sandra Bullock 10 movies

The network is trapped in the network (Network), directed by Irvin Winkler (1995)

Angela Bennett, modem master and virus hunter on poorly protected computer systems, works alone in Los Angeles. Targeting a mysterious prototype program, he becomes the victim of a criminal conspiracy. This will be followed by a chain of absurd events in which Angela will have to fight to regain ownership of her life.

Movie Winkler she was one of the first to bring the world of the Internet and the identity theft case to the big screen.

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His own love (while you were sleeping)directed by John Turteltaub (1995)

A sip of optimism – a sentimental comedy Own love. A story about a lonely Lucy who falls in love with Jack. (Bill Pullman), after being mistaken for the girlfriend of Peter, Jack’s comatose brother. An irresistible cast and a simple but delicious plot for a film “like Sandra Bullock” of the early days, but always charming.

speed, Directed by Jan de Bont (1994)

The madman threatens to burn down the city. The first shot tries it with a skyscraper elevator. Jack Traven intervenes (Keanu Reeves) to prevent a massacre. Then a bus arrives loaded with explosives and a detonator that will explode if the bus’s speed drops below eighty miles per hour. She’s a driver Sandra Bullock, she is Annie Porter.

28 days (28 days), Directed by Betty Thomas (2000)

Gwen, a budding journalist, has a rough childhood behind her. A girl falls into a crisis after she disrupts her sister’s wedding ceremony and destroys a house with a garden while drunk driving. 28 days of hospitalization in the clinic will redefine his life.

The film touches on the topic of drug addiction and alcoholism. There bullock, fresh from success, especially in comedies, here he plays a completely dramatic role and shows his potential in this genre too.

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Sandra Bullock 10 movies

Two weeks notice – Two Weeks Notice Directed by Mark Lawrence (2002)

Millionaire George Wade, head of one of New York’s largest real estate firms, needs a new lawyer. The best candidate is Harvard environmentalist Lucy Kelson, who really wants to stop the Wade Corporation from tearing down the Community Center in order to build a series of apartment buildings. Lucy accepts the task: but nothing is predetermined and opposites attract…

Tasty comedy in style Harry meets Sally (less cerebral) with a combination that convinces and irresistible bickering. Hugh grant a stellar performer and sometimes a hilarious movie.

On First videos.

Crash – Physical Contact (Crash)directed by Paul Haggis (2004)

The DA and his wife had their car stolen by two black boys. A Persian convenience store owner gets mad at a Hispanic blacksmith, thinking he is trying to trick him. A black police detective has little interest in his drug addict mother’s constant pleas to find her brother. A black television director and his wife meet two white cops one night.

6 Oscar nominations 2006 and 3 statuettes: Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing.

Accident – Physical contact gives insight into real issues such as racial and social tensions. Sandra Bullock plays Jean, a woman guilty of spreading stereotypes about minorities.

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lake house of time (Lake House), directed by Alejandro Agresti (2006)

Kate Forester, a doctor who lives alone, begins a correspondence with architect Alex Burnham, the new tenant of her lake house. The letters they exchange become more and more passionate until they discover that they live in different years and that in order to meet they need to overcome the time barrier separating them.

A romantic drama that uses a special alchemy between the two main characters. Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves after that, they meet again on the set Speed.

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Blind areadirected by John Lee Hancock (2009)

He is a young homeless African American whose white and middle class family wishes to adopt him. The boy finds love, the opportunity to educate himself and the great opportunity to play on the football team and become a champion. Toohey, in turn, will be able to find themselves. The movie is based on real life Michael Oher.
Good Sandra Bullock (Oscar winner) in a (real) tale about family, dreams, concrete idealism.

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Gravity, Directed by Alfonso Cuarón (2013)

Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), a brilliant medical engineer, is on his first mission aboard a shuttle. Join veteran Matt Kowalski’s team (George Clooney), commanding his last expedition before retirement. Their usual journey turns into a disaster when an unexpected event causes the spaceship to explode, killing the rest of the crew. Ryan and Matt lose all contact with Earth. A tense role for Bullock (new nomination), which has the most claustrophobic film. A good man joins her George Clooney.

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bird boxes, Directed by Susanna Beer (2018)

When a mysterious force begins to wipe out the world’s population, only one thing is certain: whoever sees it will die. Faced with the unknown, Malory finds love, hope and a new beginning, but then loses it all. Suddenly, she has to run with her two children down a dangerous river to get to the only safe place. And in order to survive, they have to make a risky two-day journey blindfolded.

Among the most watched films on netflix, Bird Box is a gripping thriller from an Oscar-winning director. Suzanne Beer. In addition to the stellar cast Sandra Bullockalso includes John Malkovich.

bird box

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