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Since when Miley Cyrus published Flowerssong about revenge on ex-husband Liam Hemsworthpeople on social networks were furious: according to many users, in fact, the singer hid some veiled clues in the video clip of the single that she would like to tell fans not only that the origin of the divorce was but betrayalbut what the mistress in question was an actress Jennifer Lawrence. According to social theories explaining the intrigue, the most concrete clue would be the similarity between Miley Cyrus’ gold dress at the beginning of the video (a vintage 1991 Yves Saint Laurent) and Jennifer Lawrence’s dress at the film’s premiere. The Hunger Games back in 2012. The videos that are streaming on TikTok have properly captured the moment when Lawrence is on the red carpet in the arms of Liam, who co-starred with her in the famous movie trilogy.

Jennifer, despite numerous rumors, has not yet said anything. But now, taking advantage of an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, he wanted to elaborate: “It’s not true that Liam cheated on Miley with me.. These are just rumors. We all know that I Liam we kissedBut years have passed since their separation“. The actress then added, as confident as she was amused, “I’m guessing the music video was just a coincidence.”

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Miley Cyrus, for her part, has not once commented on gossip in recent months that she must have heard about. But one thing is certain: the singer who she broke up with the actor in 2019 after two years of marriage preceded by a very long relationship, he never talked about betrayal. Against. After parting, he clearly said: “I can admit a lot, but I refuse to accept that my marriage ended because of infidelity.“. Anyway, years have passed since then. And by now all the protagonists of the social soap unleashed Flowers pretty much moved on: Liam is dating a model Gabriella Brooks; Miley is busy Max Morando; Jennifer Lawrence marries art gallery owner Cook Maroneyby whom he had a son.

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth on the red carpet The Hunger Games

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