Sardinia, diving in La Maddalena for Cristiano Ronaldo and his Georgina

Ronaldo SardiniaCredit: Georginagio (IG)

Holiday Ronaldo and Georgina in Sardinia continues.

Georgina and Ronaldo (and children) continue to rest in the waters of Gallura. The little family stopped aboard their yacht in front of the La Maddalena archipelago, allowing themselves to dive into the crystal clear waters of the islands.

The two have posted many pictures of their vacation. their perfect physique and flawless, now very tanned. Ronaldo I love La Maddalena, in fact, he spent many holidays here in recent years. On board his Azimut Grande, he is now at home and knows the area well.

Their vacation is one of the most enviable in the world precisely because of the choice of a charming place. Indeed, the family does not miss anything. First in the blue waters of Tavolara, where many photographs were taken, now in one of the most beautiful places from Gallura. It is not known how long the holidays of Ronaldo and Georgina will last, but it looks like they will stay in Sardinia for a short time.

Meanwhile, La Maddalena continues to collect champions. The Brazilian goalkeeper from Liverpool and La Padula, a striker from Cagliari, also arrived at La Scogliera. The last few days have eaten Inter coach Simone Inzaghi, Karim Benzema and Argentine champions, including Manchester City’s Juli├ín Alvarez.

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