«Sarri is a “starred”, Lazio a “raw”» Interview in Leggo’s derby insert

With his dishes he has conquered the palate of the likes of Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman: Giuseppe Di Iorio Executive Chef of “Aroma” (one Michelin star) who overlooks the Colosseum also has Lazio among his passions. «If I could remove the derby from the calendar – he begins laughing -. Seriously, I’m confident despite the pessimism around Lazio that we remember has never had a winning coach like Sarri”.

This interview is part of Leggo’s insert on Lazio-Roma which will be distributed on Sunday at the Stadio Olimpico before the 6pm match

What derby are you expecting?
“I hope I don’t see last year’s match in which we lost without a fight”

A derby that this year is valid not only for the city record.
“If on the one hand victory can give you an important boost towards the Champions League, on the contrary a defeat would have a psychological backlash”.

A strength and a weakness of Lazio.
«I don’t remember football as beautiful as the one we’re seeing with Sarri, a pity about the alternating current performance, but as the coach says, the bench is short. Nobody in Europe doesn’t have a substitute in attack… a Caicedo would have been useful for us».

Does the absence of Immobile worry you?
«Honestly, I’m more concerned about the match we played on Thursday in Europe which may have taken away physical and mental energy».

Lazio as an appetizer, first course, second course and side dish digests them well then for dessert it sometimes feels bad…
«Perhaps the chef’s journey is too long, maybe seven courses are too many and we should stop at four courses (laughs, ed)».

If this year’s Lazio were a dish, what would it be?
«Definitely a raw because you can work with imagination and thanks to a starred chef like Sarri you can make it into an iconic dish».

Do you believe in Lazio in the Champions League?
«Absolutely yes and in this sense the derby in my opinion will be decisive for the qualification issue in the Europe that counts. It will be important to bring home a positive result».

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