Sex scandal: Kanye West and his wife ‘banned’ by motorboat company

VENICE – “They will no longer be welcome on our boats.” To say that this is Fabio Sacco, president of Alilaguna and owner of other companies, including…




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VENICE – “They will no longer be welcome on our boats.” Saying it’s Fabio Sacco, president of Alilaguna and owner of other companies, including Venezia Turismo, the one that includes a motorboat, is the protagonist of the rumors that the rapper was involved in last week. Kanye West and wife Bianca Censorspinched by some images that suggest a sexual act between the two of them on board during the Venetian leg of their Italian vacation. The company said after the news was released, the Australian version of the Daily Mail said its employees were “totally unaware” that Kanye dropped his pants, also because “the driver should have paid attention to traffic.” and did not see these mats. If this happened, he would immediately disembark and inform the authorities about the violators. “We are a public transport service,” Sacco said, “and therefore, if this happens, we will behave according to what our role requires, but it is clear that we do not like it.”

The images were acquired by the local police in Venice: if suspicions become credible and malicious intent is confirmed, Kanye West and Bianca Censori could be filed a complaint for indecent acts in a public place, as many readers (already on The Sun website) refer to the couple , often seeking to appear and provoke.
The two of them, disembarking from a motorboat, dined at a famous Venetian restaurant, walking the streets hand in hand and not caring who was watching them. According to rumors compiled by The Sun, in fact Kim Kardashian, the rapper’s ex-wife, would be concerned about the images that are literally walking around the net.
The images, first published on the website, then relaunched by the English tabloid The Sun, and then obtained yesterday by the website Dagospia, suggest an oral relationship between the rapper and his current wife while they were in a taxi along with one of their friends – sailing down the Grand Canal . What can be said for sure is the singer’s buttocks in plain sight, lying on the back of a water taxi. Other images that add to the soreness are of West, below, his “companion” Bianca, who was described by the English press as “knelt down”.

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