Shakira, the new song against Piqué

Other than the weaker sex. Heartbroken women can be vengeful tigers, ready to do anything to defend their wounded pride, especially if it is a younger woman, a “little girl” to quote the words of the last song, that breaks the harmony of the couple Of Shakira “Te quedo grande”, the new vitriolic song written and performed in collaboration with Karol G against her ex-husband Gerard Piqué, to whom he reserves new arrows, no less sharp than the previous ones. Since her marriage fell apart, the Colombian pop star has already dedicated four songs to the former footballer and his partner Clara Chia Marti.

shakira piqué new song

Shakira duets with Karol G on new song Te quedo grande.

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Shakira’s new song for Piqué

After the success of Music Sessions Vol. 53, in which the singer compared the then 22-year-old to a Twingo and a Casio – an unequal comparison with a “Ferrari and Rolex woman” like Shakira – returns to the assault with a new text entirely dedicated to the ex. “Why are you looking for me? If you know I won’t repeat my mistakes, tell your new little girl that I won’t compete for men” sing the two artists in what appears to be a hymn to female solidarity in the name of their shared rancor towards men, portrayed as unreliable, proud and insecure.

“Anyone who tells you that a void can be filled with another person is lying to you/It’s like covering a wound with makeup, you can’t see it, but you can feel it/You left saying you forgot me and found yourself a new one girl/What she doesn’t know is that you’re still looking at all the stories” sing the two artists, both veterans of a long relationship wrecked by a very young girl. “Honey, what’s up?/Isn’t this too much to take?/Why are you looking for me?/If you know I won’t repeat my mistakes/Tell your new baby/That I won’t compete for men/That I won’t shoot no more/That at least I made you beautiful/Seeing you with the new (girlfriend) hurt me/But I’m already on my own/I’ve forgotten what we lived/And that’s what offended you/That life has also improved for me/You’re not welcome here anymore/I saw what your girlfriend did to me/That doesn’t even make me mad, I’m laughing, I’m laughing”.

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Before the final jab: “Go back with you, never. You were unlucky because now fortunes are raining on me. And now you want to come back, I thought so too. You like my photos. You seem happy with your new life, but If he knew you’re still looking for me.” Difficult weeks are ahead for Gerard Piqué and the young Clara, who knows if their relationship will hold up under the blows of Shakira’s successes, who still feel the wound burning under this “makeup”.

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