Spring break, broadcast on MYmovies of the cult film with Selena Gomez

Harmony Korine is one of the most provocative directors in Hollywood, who was recognized by the general public mainly thanks to Spring Break is now available to stream on MYmovies with a MYmovies ONE membership.

Presented at the Venice Film Festival in 2012, the film was shown in Italian cinemas the following spring, causing quite a stir. The reason for this media interest was the cast, mostly consisting of teen idols of the caliber Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. Watch over them James Franco.

The girls play two of the four main characters in the teenage film. Bored with school and life, they decide to give life to an amazing spring break. Without decency and armed with water pistols, they rob a restaurant to pay for Florida, sunny beaches, alcohol parties, bulimic sex. Surprised by the police raid, they end up in jail wearing nothing but bikinis. Bikinis that the Alien is sensitive to, rappers and gangsters with shortness of breath and metal teeth. Vera, the most introverted among them, troubled by the boy’s mellifluous words, decides to take the first bus and head home. In a few days and a bullet, Cotty will follow her too. In Florida, only Britt and Candy will remain, who, armed with real weapons, will follow the Alien with the flow.

The film is a visual, visionary and hallucinatory exploration that quickly became a cult classic. He took on a shooter video game that is a cross section of American teenagers and beyond.

Spring Breakers is now streaming on MYmovies.

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