SSH organizes preventive action during Seniors Month

In accordance with the instructions of María Zorayda Robles Barrera, head of the State Secretariat of Health (SSH) of Hidalgo, to monitor in a coordinated manner the activities of the “Older People’s Month, August 2023”, in order to provide targeted care to the different sectors of the people in this sector, who Strategies aimed at promoting and maintaining their health will be strengthened.

In this way, the SSH National Program Coordinating Center on Aging joined Health Wellbeing Days and implemented screening and testing modules at 16 comprehensive gerontology centers and 4 day residences at the Nursing Institute. Elderly (IAAMEH).

There, questionnaires were used to detect geriatric syndromes, as well as to prevent falls, risk of incontinence, to detect depression, mental health disorders, to screen for basic activities of daily living (ABVD) and functional capacity for daily instrumental activities of life (AIVD).

Likewise, apply the fracture risk questionnaire for osteoporosis and benign prostatic growth, testing for diabetes, HbA1c, dyslipidemia, BMI, and SAH, routine cytology in women aged 60-64, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis C. testing, and talks on preventive oral health.

It is worth remembering that SSH houses the National Center for Comprehensive Aged Care (CESAGI), which is designed to meet the needs of the elderly.

According to the latest estimates, there are close to 13 million people over the age of 60 in the country, and in Hidalgo this number exceeds 220,000; that is to say, it amounts to 7% of the total population, thus establishing inclusivity as well as fairness and Mechanisms for comprehensive care.



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