statement after 27 years of marriage shocks fans

Hugh Jackman (54 years old) e Deborra-Lee Furness (67 years old) were one of the strongest couples in Hollywood, but, unfortunately, after 27 years of happy marriage, they decided to separate. break up with and they made themselves known divorce via a newspaper press release People.

“We were lucky to spend almost three decades together because Husband AND wife in a wonderful and loving marriage. Our path is now changing and we have decided to separate in order to continue our individual growth,” the press release reads. Hugh and Deborra said they separated amicably and love each other very much. FineBesides, family will always come first for them.

Let’s find out more about them love storyfirst meeting and children.

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Hugh and Deborra: first meeting

Hugh Jackman AND Deborra-Lee Furness They first met in 1995 on the set of the Australian television series Corelli. Deborra was already an established actress, and Hugh was an up-and-coming actor fresh out of drama school. L’Love Things broke out between them very quickly, so much so that it led them to the altar in less than a year. Despite their age difference (she is 13 years older than him), Hugh and Deborra have always been one of the closest couples in the world. Hollywood.

They have two children: Oscar Maximilian Jackman (23 years old) and Ava Eliot Jackman (18 years old).

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