Steve Harvey hugs Michael B. Jordan after the actor split from his daughter

No bad blood here! Steve Harvey and Michael B. Jordan hugged at a basketball game a year after Jordan’s split from Lori Harvey.

Jordan and Harvey were spotted hugging each other while attending the NBA preseason game between the Dallas Mavericks and Minnesota Timberwolves in Abu Dhabi on Thursday (October 5).

The 36-year-old actor-turned-director and the 66-year-old TV presenter appeared to be on good terms more than a year after Jordan split from Harvey’s daughter, Lori.

Creed the actor dated Laurie for a year and a half before announcing their split in June last year.

As can be seen from the short video posted on the NBA’s Instagram account, the couple looks delighted to meet each other.

“Everyone is smiling at #NBAinAbuDhabi!” he captioned the sweet clip.

Although the 36-year-old actor was still dating Steve’s daughter, Harvey spoke highly of him.

“But this guy is such a good guy. He’s one of the nicest guys,” he said in March 2021, appearing on the channel The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I met his father. I sat with him and we talked for hours. I just can’t find anything wrong with him.”

He later said that it was “the first time I was happy for (Lori in a relationship).”

“I don’t talk publicly about these things, but I’m happy for my daughter right now. I really am,” the host admitted. “He’s just a good guy.”

Even after Jordan separated from his daughter, there seemed to be no hard feelings.

The Creed actor dated Laurie Havey for a year and a half before calling it quits last year.  Credit: Instagram/@nba
The Creed actor dated Laurie Havey for a year and a half before calling it quits last year. Credit: Instagram/@nba

While he confirmed that he’s obviously “Team Laurie, 1000 percent,” he said he still thinks the actor is a “cool guy.”

The split between Jordan and Harvey proved difficult for the actor – he deleted all traces of the former romance from his Instagram account at the time – but he has since admitted he hasn’t looked back.

“I’m a firm believer that what’s for you is what’s for you, and getting out of this situation is not about giving it, you know, some energy and some push – you know. Lee, it was an experience for me to grow and learn,” he told CBS..

“I’m in my light now,” he continued. “This is my year. There’s so much going on, so many blessings, so many wonderful things.”

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