Bizarrap. Justin Bieber May Appear in Session 57; made outside Grupo Milenio

Argentine producer Bizarrap was presented with a short film of 9 minutes, culminating in the announcement of his session number 57. In social circles, he expected a collaboration other than pop star Justin Bieber, which ended up trending the work. with great Latin American talent. Bizarrap gained top spots on the popular lists thanks to … Read more

Piqué talks about Shakira’s new revenge song

Rodolfo MolinaGetty Images After being silent for a long time, Gerard Pique spoke for the first time about revenge song Of Shakiraa song with which the former partner spoke publicly about betrayal of the former footballer with Clara Chia Marticlimbing the charts around the world making the song “Bzrp” (made in pairs with Bizarrap) a … Read more