Janet De Nardis: “My film is an invitation to think about the dangers of technology”

Dangers of technology, secrets, violation of confidentiality, manipulation, espionage. Actress Janet De Nardis wanted to tell all this in the film that became her directorial debut. Waves of positivity. At the center is a mysterious but powerful application that allows anyone who owns it to … Read more

ses 6 best films worth watching | fashion france

She is the highlight of French cinema, in which she is the most beautiful, the most convincing. EclatAdele Exarchopoulos, 29 years old, lights up our screens for a year, sans s’essouffler, or vice versa. Revised in 2013 Life of d’Adele, a film that encapsulates all … Read more

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift understand the power of concert films

CNN — There’s more than enough room upstairs for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. It’s a move that shouldn’t shock anyone: This is the second newsletter in a row to focus on Swift or a Swift-related entertainment phenomenon, but today we’re talking about a different queen. … Read more

Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore will see the next trailer before May December Todd Haynes.

The new film by Todd Haynes was released in May-December in the first beloved edits at the Cannes Film Festival, where there was no long trailer for it – which was first seen by such brilliant actresses as Natalie Portman or Julianne Moore. May December … Read more

Pink jump horror movie

In the beginning it was Paris Hilton. Wax mask, in 2005. His character – blond, not particularly smart and scantily clad – died among the wax zombies after a futile and desperate escape after attempting to camp in a tent. Just one of many doll … Read more