Multilateralism broken – POLITICAL

Natalie Tocci he is director of the Istituto Affari Internazionali and part-time professor at the European University Institute. Her latest book, Green and Global Europe, is published by Polity. No major European foreign policy speech or document has ever neglected to mention the existential importance … Read more

I’ll take a photo of you (mug shot)

On May 5, 2007, the world stopped. To be precise, it was my world that stopped. This world made of American reality TV shows, Joan Rivers commenting on Vera Wang’s (horrific) red carpet looks, plastic surgery clinics and pre-Botox Kardashian spin-offs, told at every hour … Read more

Trump’s photo is his best meme

My first meeting with Donald Trump it appeared on my TV screen. It was 1994 and it happened in an episode Willy, fresh prince of Bel-Air, a popular sitcom with Will Smith. Although there was nothing particularly memorable about this episode and the appearance of … Read more

AI and the end of the age of St. Thomas, seeing is not enough to believe – Society

by Alessio Jacona* An image of former President Donald Trump marching at the head of a huge crowd cheering between stars and stripes flags, and those of his daring arrest during which he was dragged away by force. The shot that portrays French President Emmanuel … Read more