A film by Jenna Ortega on Amazon Prime Video, the title of which is based on a speech by Donald Trump.

When Mercoles lego ale November 23, 2022 to the catalog Throughout the Netflix world, even in Spain, no one could hope for a huge hit to land on the platform in their hands. The series, which focused on the left-wing Los Addams neighborhood that led to one of its actors being sexually assaulted, has been remade into third most popular fiction stories on the site streamingand I change the careers of your actors, especially the main character: Jenna Ortega.

The actress of Mexican origin turned into a real star thanks to the series “I Los” edits TikTok evolved from the same thing, but in 2022 Ortega will end the workshop inviting you to participate up to five projects (including Mercoles), all those that are terror. Thank you if you have proven yourself to be the queen of horror. and even if you get the status scream queen.

Jenna Ortega in ‘American Pesadilla’ (2022)

Next to the Netflix series, Jenna appeared in it four belts of terror Last year was the most successful every time. Tuvo un papel secundario en Sstudio 666belt created Dave Grohl (vocalist of the band Foo Fighters), also joined France. Screamwhich marks the return of one of the most famous characters, and Ti West’s trilogy in X. This is the fourth project that I am ready to implement Amazon Prime Video.

“American Pesadilla”, racist terrorist

American Pesadilla This is not a belt of terror: this is not a plagada. screamers or supernatural beings. Film director: Diego Hallivis (who writes the guide next to his brother Julio) child of horrors with Jordan Peele’s social colors present a production in which he talks, including comedy, about Systemic institutional racism estadounidenses. Own title from the tracks above the rumble, which can take up large material lasting up to an hour and 40 minutes.

The original title of this film, released in theaters on July 15 last year, is: American massacre (also known as “American Matanza”). I don’t think about it at first sight because I say the same expression. Donald Trump in his investment speech as president on January 20, 2017: “This American bloodbath is happening here and now,” the tycoon said on Capitol Hill.

Synopsis for the book “American Pesadilla”

Governor the one who participates in the elections issues an order by which he sends arrest hijou illegal immigrants, what are you allowed to do? look after the elderly in exchange for the withdrawal of all legal cargo. But when they come to the center, these young people find that the legislator and the head of the installation are ready and go to the edge terrorist plot a la park, which is depraved.

The department where you can see the “American Pesadilla”.

The film still doesn’t star Jenna Ortega. Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (Jason in the trilogy Spider-Man Tom Holland). They accompany their actress Mercoles, Eric Dane (Gray’s Anatomy, Euphoria), Allen Maldonado (Projecto Power2020) Brett Cullen (Falcon Crest), between others. The belt arrived last month of August. Amazon Prime Video and you will be able to view without any additional subscription.

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