Jennifer Lawrence to star in new Hunger Games

Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with entertainment news Jennifer Lawrence would love to play again Katniss Everdeenprotagonist of four chapters The Hunger Games. “Oh my God, definitely!” said in an interview with diversity Oscar winner. “If Katniss ever comes back into my life, that’s one hundred percent.” Lawrence, meanwhile, will return … Read more

After West Side Story, Rachel Zegler returns to the cinema with Shazam!

We had left her in her little room in Clifton, New Jersey, just before the Big Bang, or the worldwide release of West Side Story Of Steven Spielberg. Then, an intoxicating whirlwind: Oscars, Grammys, haute couture, jewels, Dior, Tiffany, Jimmy Choo, Paris, fashion shows, Met Gala, magazine covers… Everything has changed for Rachel Zegler, the … Read more

Liam Hemsworth would be ready to sue Miley Cyrus for defamation

The media war to the sound of notes and warbles between Piqué and Shakira (who took her revenge for the betrayals of her ex-partner with the song “Bzrp”) has set the standard. The release of the new song by Miley Cyrus“Flowers”, has created quite a stir since the text from the song it really tells … Read more