Teaser “Used to be young” on posters

Miley Cyrus releases teaser for her next hit? It would seem that. Tuesday, August 15, singer Flowers posted a new cryptic video on his Twitter profile, who most likely wants to reveal his new project.

“I know I was crazy once. I know I used to be funny. They say that once I was wild. I say I was young once,” Cyrus captioned the video from a sun-drenched street. In the images, we see a building hung with posters with his face and lyrics from his various hits in chronological order.

Miley Cyrus teaser video

On various posters you can read many quotes from the works of the singer. They start with “I jumped off a plane in Los Angeles.” Party in the USA“I can almost see it, the dream I’m having” from Climb“I Came Like a Destruction Ball” from Wrecking balland “I can buy myself flowers” from Flowersto the last poster with a teaser for Miley Cyrus’ next work: “I used to be young.”

The Disney Channel star yesterday also changed several of his YouTube video icons to show “USED TO BE YOUNG” in all caps. Fans are clearly going crazy about hearing Cyrus’ new work soon. The singer has yet to confirm if the tweet means a new track is on the way. Fans filled the comments section of the posts with messages like “SCREAMING, CRYING, VOMITING” and “It used to be young and we’re all so excited.”

The teaser for Miley Cyrus came a few months after the release of her eighth studio album. Endless summer holidays, which was released in March. Album on the wave of singles Flowers, River AND exhausted, has reached position n. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart shortly after its release, while Flowers he stayed eight weeks at no. #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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