the 2000s according to Chiara Ferragni

After the looks of the various fashion weeks sported by Chiara Ferragni, the influencer returns to amaze with a completely Y2K-style outfit.

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The 2000s according to Chiara Ferragni

Y2K fashion is back, and we’ve been aware of it for some time now. There low life made up ground above i mom jeans (which in turn have definitively ousted the skinnies loved by the Millenials); velvet tracksuits are the new leggings with an oversize T-shirt and we believe that the next obligatory step, after the “all crop” look, is the comeback of the piercing at the navel. Fashion is cyclical, we know it; in this case, however, it is more difficult to understand who fished i first Two-thousand. There Gen z hungry for street markets, thrift shopping, vintage and second-hand that you could only find garments from those years? Or has some stylist intercepted the need for a return to the “golden years”? In any case, it’s official: even celebrities are riding the trend. And among these, it could not be missing Clare Ferragni.

Clamshell cell phone and Prada Moon bag

In her last post on Instagram, the influencer and entrepreneur described, in her own way, the collaboration with the historic brand Prada to celebrate and advertise the moon bag. This is a bag whose model was extremely popular in the nineties; to pay homage to the best reissue of this accessory born in 2002 (now on sale on the brand’s website for 1,950 euros), Clare Ferragni showed off her best look two thousand years. The influencer paraded through the streets of Milan with a sweatshirt velvet crop, style Juicy Couture, miniskirt low-waisted with maxi belt (albeit camouflaged), Moon bag in a pink that only the protagonists of mean girls could bring just as much good and finally open sandals with sporty knee-high well in sight.

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Flip phones: the vintage habit of celebrities

To close the look, just him: the flip phone. Also called flip phonesthis device is the most rhetorical but at the same time clear and exemplary symbol of the two thousand years. In recent years this model of mobile phone has been brought back into vogue by technological brands that have reproduced it in a modern version, but not only. Many celebrities, especially Americans, who wanted to recover the flip phonesprobably to remember the times of their rise to success, which took place in the two thousand years for famous people like Paris Hilton And Kim Kardashian.

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