The flu and your chronicle + Fran Maranoche in Bilbao: when we were children

Invoking nostalgia should be done almost as often as throwing an epic party. At best, only occasionally, lest people get addicted and end up living in a gray past world without social networks that no longer exist. While some still decry looking back at Eternal Fire, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to save the legacy of a band that managed to make basic rock ‘n’ roll after AC/DC or Status Quo, which is the simplest and easiest. Things in the world are complicated…

Examples of this are Platero and Tú, who are long remembered for helping, along with Tequila, Burning and others, to dispel the absurd idea that rock music could only be expressed in English. The fact is that currently we don’t have many opportunities to listen to the tracks of Fito, Uoho, Juantxu and Jesús live, at best with an occasional hymn between “Soldadito sailor” and other Fitipaldis hits.

Not surprisingly, tickets for the Azkena venue in Bilbao are sold out Announcing La Gripe show in collaboration with Fran Malanoche focusing on Platero y Tú. Many people in their forties and thirties packed the venue with the aim of cementing their crowns and restoring, for one night at least, those “children” This was mentioned by bassist Juantxu at the beginning of the concert.

Txema shares vocals and guitar with Fran Malanoche.

With a large number of staff waiting, influenza They originally launched their careers on “Rocky ravines,” a movie that Rob worked on at the time. Very good start. Their failure to have a greater impact with work of this caliber and a vocalist and guitarist of Txema’s caliber must be chalked up to bad luck, with no other possible explanation.

They opened the jar containing the essence of “Plate Style” and asked, “How did you lose it?” Fran Malanoche took the lead with great dignity and totally exceeded our expectations and certainly the majority. What most people expected. It’s never easy to find a statement tone that doesn’t completely imitate the Fito style, which is a complete lace that passes brilliantly but doesn’t limit itself to simple imitation.

Juantxu Olano, bassist of the band Platero y Tú y La Gripe.

There are also many songs in the repertoire that need no introduction, such as “I’m Going to Get Drunk”, “Alucinante”, “Entre dos mares”, etc., which warm the audience’s throats very well. Of course, “Behind the Bar” is dedicated to “All the waiters in the world”, this profession is still ignored and suppressed by entrepreneurs who choose to work seven days a week, work part-time, and pay meager wages. Maybe in a few years they will be treated like the Iberian lynx.

“Your blood will not boil” is another clip with a message that has full power today, with the ruthless posture of social networks and the tendency to push so-called transgressive poisons to the altar, while actually It reproduces the thinking of mainstream power. Juan Xu wanted to contribute a passage, but he omitted it so that everyone could evoke the most pathetic character obsessed with pleasing. Be careful, eventually they will win the election.

“ABC Without Letters” caused a slight stir in the audience, although there wasn’t much room to move; protecting the camera from being trampled by elephants was a truly high-risk task. Bassist Juantxu once again alluded to the absurdity of some postmodern conventions, saying that “Mari Maddalenas” should be called “Marie Waffles” anyone”Mari Pancakes“Before add:”Make pancakes for your fucking mother…”. It had to be said, and it was said.

When the immortal riff of “El roce de tucuerpo” came on, there wasn’t even anything to show for it and everyone knew what had to be done. And anyone who has ever attended a La Gripe concert knows that “Tu pelo rojo” is never missing from their live shows. In this sense, we think they haven’t given up on their classics, which are as revered as the Platero y Tú tracks.

Fran Maranoche takes the lead.

The cry of ““The best bat” They were unstoppable and it wasn’t long before they returned, accompanied by Robert de Lowe, a Bilbao group that specializes in playing versions of pop rock from the eighties and nineties , so they embroidered “Little Rock and Roll.” You could tell it had been polished on site several times, so the results were incredible.

Without changing their sound, they started in the same way with another fan-favorite song “Si la tocas otra vez” and took advantage of the situation to announce a date at Kafe Antzokia in Bilbao on March 9th. After seeing them perform a stellar set of Platero and Tú, it would be no justice in the world if they didn’t pack the venue.

On such a special evening you cannot miss the drink “Cantalojas” and the blue cigars, pure gold with a distinct taste of Botxo. We also wanted to hear “Maldita mujer,” but that’s another tune that gives us goosebumps, so there’s nothing to blame or regret. Let’s enjoy the moment now, not what could have been or not been.

“Juliette” is another inescapable song, as is “Si tú te vas”, with the band reciting the lyrics vigorously from start to finish, with brilliant references to Status Quo and John Fogerty in the final section. An absolutely epic finale, ending with Txema and Fran raising the mast like any other great guitarist couple in music history. Beginning.

But the audience was not satisfied, they wanted more, so they had to return to the stage a second time. Since they had already covered all the songs they had prepared, they decided to repeat “ABCs Without Letters,” which didn’t upset us, although it would have been cooler to rescue an unplayed song from oblivion.

We missed “Drinks from the Same Cup”, “If I Look at the Clouds”, “Little Cigarette”, “That Expensive Girl” or “Imanol” and now we have the lehendakari candidate of the same name but we I have Having said that, on such a magical night, there’s no doubt it’s okay to complain. We saw a concert that happens with the same frequency as solar eclipses. Children who have been will be very proud.

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