The history of the mullet, the most talked about haircut in history

She Tami Manis is 58 years old and from Tennessee.and has a very specific record: this woman with the world’s longest mullet haircut. Her “tail” – mullet, literally “mullet”, is characterized by the fact that short in front, top and sides and long in back – I got there Height 172.7 cm, last seen scissors in February 1990.! Tami said she took inspiration from a Knoxville nurse and now holds a special Guinness World Record. But How did this hairstyle come about? The origins seem to lie in the distant past.

Origin of the mullet

He thought of telling the story of the mullet Alan Henderson in hisMullet Madness!: Haircut is business in the front and party in the back(can be purchased on Amazon). Henderson will take us even in the Neolithic erapassing through Sphinx (!), to get to Billy Ray Cyrus, Hulk Hogan and David Copperfield. The discovery of a metal figurine dating back to the 1st century AD and discovered in 2018 during work on a new car park on the Wimpole estate in England has convinced archaeologists believe that this cut was widespread among the English already during the Roman occupation.. Byzantine scholar of the 6th century Procopius of Caesarea he wrote that some groups of young men wore their hair long back and cut short on the forehead.

Sixties and seventies

The pioneer of the “modern mullet” is Tom Jones. who offered him an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1965. About a decade later David Bowie contributed to the Ziggy Stardust era.which was soon imitated by other legends of music history, from Rod Stewart to Keith Richardsfrom Paul McCartney to Alice Cooper (which offered a lengthened version of the legendary version).

Everyone is crazy about the mullet, 80s era

The mullet was born as a men’s haircut, but It was in the 1980s that she broke all barriers, winning the hearts (and heads) of the female population., becomes a real necessity. They experience it Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, Cher and Liza Minnellibut also absolute stars of cinema and the small screen, such as Meryl Streep and Ellen DeGeneres. Also Richard Dean Anderson (the legendary “MacGyver”), Rob Lowe and even George Clooney (it was 1985) succumbed to the charm of this hairstyle. And it just stays The image of the duo George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley is iconicthen united in the project Bam!

How the name came about

According to the authoritative Oxford English Dictionary they were Beastie BoysAn American hip-hop group formed in 1981, they came up with the name for the hairstyle when: in 1994 they released the song “Mullet Head”. referring specifically to those who wore this particular haircut. Previously, the expression “mullet head” was used (since the 19th century) to mean “stupid person.”

From the 2000s to the present day: female mullet

Virtually abandoned in the nineties (with a few exceptions such as tennis champion Andre Agassi), With the beginning of the new millennium, the mullet is finding fans again. Young, but already accomplished, Scarlett Johansson introduced the irresistible tousled haircut in 2003.IN Zendaya’s hairstyle for 2016 on the occasion of the Grammy Awards, Miley Cyrus he inherited the legacy of his father Billy Ray, giving himself wavy mullet at Marc Jacobs fall-winter 2020 showBye Rihanna Rihanna confirmed this the following year during the Savage x Fenty campaign. with irregular and unruly bangs.

Universal, genderless and non-conformist

Summer 2023 has confirmed this trend: vintage tailoring, once synonymous with rock, is becoming increasingly popular for its versatility.bold or softened by subtle styling, it allows you to play with bangs, long hair that falls over your shoulders, and dizzying layers, to say the least. Curly, straight or wavy – it doesn’t matter.A mullet can add an extra touch to any hair type, and is also suitable for color games and experiments.

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