“The Huntsman and the Ice Queen”

A great classic for the whole family. Tonight at 21.20 on Italia1 it will be on air The Huntsman and the Ice Queen, directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, with Chris Hemsworth and the beautiful Charlize Theron. A love story that can’t get more classic than this: there are two lovers (Chris Hemsworth and Jessica Chastain), an evil queen (Emily Blunt) and fantastic creatures to help or oppose our heroes.

Sisters Ravenna and Freya couldn’t be more different: the former is a cruel queen, who uses her magic mirror to conquer kingdoms; the second has a candid soul. Ravenna is ruthless enough to kill her newborn granddaughter and from that moment Freya, in a fit of rage, becomes a cruel witch, taking refuge in the northern kingdoms where she becomes the Ice Queen and hires an invincible army, preventing love from spreading within those borders. But when a feeling arises between her favorite warriors, Eric and Sara, and they defy the will of the queen, the situation takes an unexpected turn.

No conspiracy theory forces the characterization of the characters, who are outlined by tracing the classic, but always loved, stereotypes of all time fairy tales. Visually flawless, The Huntsman and the Ice Queen maybe it doesn’t shine for epicness, but it falls within the vein of fantasy cinema. And the lightness of the film does not go to its detriment, on the contrary it transforms it into a less gloomy fairy tale and perhaps more aware of being, after all, only fiction. (red. spec.)

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