The Movie Critic is coming, his tenth…

Archived the night of the Oscars 2023, news arrives destined to shake up the cinephile world again. As reported by the authoritative The Hollywood Reporter, Quentin Tarantino has completed the screenplay for his tenth film, which as the American filmmaker has stated several times should also be the last of his legendary career. The project is called The Movie Critic, and according to sources from the American newspaper, filming could start as early as next autumn. The details of the plot are obviously still secret, but the story should have a woman as the protagonist, and the Los Angeles of the late 70s as the setting. The project does not yet have a production company, but negotiations on the matter could start as early as this week.

The Movie Critic: Quentin Tarantino’s new project

The Hollywood Reporter advances a concrete and well-founded hypothesis on The Movie Critic. The movie could be about Pauline Kael, one of the most influential and charismatic film critics of all time, passed away in 2001. Pauline Kael, known for her courageous battles with editors and directors, has always been liked by Quentin Tarantino. Furthermore, the setting period of the film coincides with the brief period in which Pauline Kael was a consultant to Paramount, on the proposal of Warren Beatty.

While waiting to find out more about this evocative project, it should be remembered that Quentin Tarantino has said and reiterated his intention to retire from film directing after directing 10 films or once he reaches 60, a goal that the filmmaker will cut in a few days. However, Tarantino has left the door open to directing plays or television miniseries. His latest film work at the moment is Once upon a time in… Hollywoodmovies with Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt And Margot Robbiereleased in 2019 and awarded with the Oscars for Best Supporting Actor (Pitt himself) and for Best Art Direction.

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