The star product for cleaning and renewing pans

The star product for cleaning and renewing pansPixar

If you’re someone who loves to cook (putting a pre-made pizza in the oven or microwaving something doesn’t count as cooking), you know how tedious cleaning a pan can be a lot of the time. No matter how you scrub them, They get dirty and greasy very quickly. Gives a sloppy and sticky feel.But there’s an amazing product that can help you keep them looking like new, and you can find them at any supermarket.its about sodium bicarbonateone of the must-have products for every family.


You already know it has many uses, including its effectiveness in different household cleaning, hygiene and grooming techniques.

Here, we introduce some tips to keep your pans at home looking like new from the day you buy them. For example, do not pour cold water when keeping warm after cooking, so as not to damage its adhesion. Yes, this is quite possibly one of the most common vices, and one that you do almost every day without even realizing it.

If it’s late and you already have a seemingly insurmountable layer of grease on your pan, don’t worry. Here we leave you with some tips to “recover” them, yourucos make them sparkle.

for pot bottom

Using baking soda and vinegar is one option for removing grime from the bottom of a pan.This will also remove smells bad and will sanitize utensils.

You can sprinkle baking soda on the bottom (bottom) of the pan and cover it completely. Then, coat it with vinegar and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Wipe patiently… Ready! Of course, remember to use the aluminum scrubber in a circular motion.

There is always a surprise in the white brand of the supermarket.

Steps for Cleaning the Bottom of the Skillet

  1. Sprinkle the baking soda on the bottom of the pan.

  2. including vinegar

  3. 20 minutes rest

  4. Wipe patiently in circular motions with an aluminum scouring pad

Tips for Keeping Your Pans Clean and Shiny

for non-stick surfaces

Use regular salt. Not only does this trick clean the utensil, but it also benefits its non-stick properties.

In this sense, put a clean pan on the fire, and when hot, add three tablespoons of salt. Wait about three minutes, and when the salt has darkened, remove it from the heat to cool.

It’s so common: you get lost and…Pam! Food sticks to the pan. Most importantly, this can happen with steaks or tortillas (if the pan is not suitable for preparing them).

How to remove food residue stuck in pan?

The black film that forms seems to be impossible to remove, but if you have a fabric softener on hand, such as that used in the laundry, it shouldn’t take much effort. Pour a little and let it sit for an estimated two to three hours. get ready. Dirt will be descaled.

Frying pans catch fire more easily than ceramic stoves

Finally rinse the pan with plenty of soapy water.

Restores pan shine

Whether you have a ceramic hob or fire, it’s a good idea to have a cleaner that will remove grime from your ceramic hob in your home. Well, use a little of your usual in vitro cleanser on the base and wait a few minutes.

Use a regular aluminum scouring pad to remove residue and it will disappear easily. Finally, rinse off with soap and water.

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