Then the chemist created a fragrance for a bet with Francis Ford Coppola.

“I like to try, experiment and make cocktails. Among my favorites are Bellini, as well as my wife Anna Maria’s favorite restaurant. It was in front of this delicious cocktail in Piazza San Marco, Venice, that I asked her to marry me.”

Where does fragrance come from?
“I like challenges and the combination of elements that only seem to contradict each other. A challenge I won by creating a new fragrance tobacco roseunexpected meeting. A rich, compelling and multifaceted combination. It holds the passion and warmth of a love story between two lovers from different places and cultures. Elegant and delicate like a rose, warm and bold like tobacco, Rosa Tabacco is an amazing and extravagant olfactory experience.”

Are there famous people who have chosen you or supported you along the way?
“We are always opening new ones, we have never intentionally contacted anyone. Some we have met directly over the years at events and film festivals, others we continue to discover online as connoisseurs, lovers and users of Dr. Vranjes Firenze and among them I can mention Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. , Lola Ponce, Laura Pausini”.

Can you tell us how a fragrance is born from the mother concentrate?
“Beginning with an image or a memory of a smell or a person, I draw in my head the olfactory result I want to achieve.. I choose among the beyond 2200 essences that make up my sense of smell, the notes I need to achieve my goal. I combine them to create concentrated mother and I wait for them to mature for a month before smelling the mixture over and over again and working on it. For a perfectionist like me, this journey can take even a couple of years, or even three, as in the case of Rosso Nobile.

Rosso Nobile Collection by Dr. Vranjes

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