“This is a list to say ‘Thank you and goodbye'”

Stranger Things” if it were turned into one of the most successful TV series Netflix Since 2016 when it first started, and considering that on the other hand it was considered the perfect ending to the story, it is still the public’s hope for it the most.

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This production revolves around adventureEleven’ a young girl holding something likesuperpoder“and who are trying to help their friends, they have seen many different problems due to the Amenaz living there Other side.

The character of the young man is interpreted Millie Bobby Brownwho has learned to admire his fans in order to enter the production perfectly, can embark on this adventure from a very young age, and also prepare the hair to be able to realize it, and also you need to learn a lot to be able to focus and bring it to perfection.

However, given that this production has gained her and many of her friends’ acting experience, the young actress noted that they can’t wait to see what comes next and be able to focus on other projects that they are truly passionate about.

What can you say about Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things?

Many fans are left hoping for a fifth time with the promise of finding a story Eleven and his friends Yes, Millie Bobby Brown in the same way, you enter in the hope of the finale, even if for different reasons.

It was during an interview with Glamor magazine that the actress opened up and noted that the finale of this series will allow her to meet and focus on other projects that she is truly passionate about.

“When you’re on the list, you say, ‘This is good, we like it.’ Let’s look at this last year. Let’s come up here. Stranger Things takes a long time to film and doesn’t allow me to create the stories I enjoy.. Since this is a list to decide on: ‘Thank you and goodbye'”

Asimism, Milli Reassure that requesting completion of a series does not mean stopping viewing the list, and you promise to follow up by visiting them after completion. “Nadi is dying, when the end is over, I want to be able to follow the arrival of these people.”

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