Together with Charlize Theron, we reveal the best secrets of the iconic perfume we adore at the latest Dior show in Paris.

The Dior J’adore exhibition reflects the history of the French brand’s legendary perfume and offers an unforgettable experience.


Until next October 8th, Parisian Fine Arts welcomes

exhibition “Dior J’adore”a retrospective tracing the history of a fragrance I loved since its creation in 1999.

inspiration in various artistic disciplines Like artificial intelligence and fashion, there is a new olfactory piece signed by Francis Kurkdjian: J’adore l’Or.

Dior J’adore exhibition in Paris. Photo: Adrian Diran.

Arriving at the exhibition, we realized Christian Dior’s deep passion for

flowers and goldan element that is built into the conductor of the perfume and envelops the entire exhibition, merging with a bright and refined atmosphere.

Charlize Theron at the opening of the Dior I’adore exhibition in Paris. Photo: Pierre Mouton.

When we were invited to the Dior inauguration, I admired the magnificent embroidery of the brand name.

Charlize Theron, which features individual J’adore campaigns and forms part of the collective memory. The film also featured actresses Anya Taylor-Joy, Jenna Ortega, Leni Klum and Robert Pattinson.

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Dior I Love – a unique exhibition that everyone knows

the secrets of this iconic scent which inspires the mythical foliage of ancient anchorages, creating the shape of the precious dress that Monsieur Dior used for his first Miss Dior perfume and which we can also admire in the museum.

Dior J’adore exhibition in Paris. /
Laora Queyras

In the first large room we also discovered numerous bottles of the J’adore fragrance, which highlight the perfume’s connection to the pearl collar of Madeleine Dior, the mother of the legendary fashion designer, and her inspiration in the Belle Epoque. We also observe radiation

new interpretation of this bottlelike three shots of Victoria de Castellane, India Madavi and the latest creation by Jean-Michel Othoniel containing J’adore l’Or.

One of the surprises of this exhibition are these

works inspired by love what we can consider. Like a space filled with flowers, where distinct images are projected that remind us of a fragrance, and where we can observe the distinct floral notes of what we adore. Or a large room where you can admire the visual works of digital artist Refik Anadol, who transports us into a hypnotic liquid gold sculpture created with the help of artificial intelligence.

Another of the great discoveries we made at Dior. I like it.

artesanal labor, which can be observed live and directly, with the help of which they cultivated the technique of braudushage, is the characteristic golden thread with which trees were once held together. The masters demonstrate this delicate work to the exhibition assistants and invite them to take a journey into the very heart of high perfumery.

An important museum for lovers of the French signature and for everyone who has the opportunity to visit Parisian Fine Arts. A

absolutely free exhibition which can be visited until next October 8th.

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