Tom Brady is not yet the owner of the Las Vegas Raiders

In May this year, las vegas raiders They “excitedly” announced tom brady A group of shareholders who will join the organization provided that National Football League Negotiations were approved, but that has not happened so far, so the former quarterback is still not an owner of the team.

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That is to say, Brady Requires owners of at least 24 strong alliances football A vote to approve his association with the team, however, has not yet taken place and apparently won’t take place until October.

Several US media assured that this delay is because the transaction is still in progress so far. Under strict review.

Rumors surrounding the seven-time champion are worth noting super bowl You can retire and new york jets Yes, it can currently do so, however, if it becomes a minority shareholder in the company Strategy This possibility will be completely buried because it is prohibited by the Constitution. National Football League Due to conflict of interest.

While the matter is resolved, Brady is also waiting to start work at Fox next year, where he signed a ten-year contract, $375 million.

Since retiring, the man considered by many to be the best player in NFL history has decided to broaden his horizons. Currently, he is a minority shareholder in: birmingham citya club in the second tier of the English Football Championship.

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