Tom Brady is on a hot-to-watch streak

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We have to say: it would be tiring to write about this guy if he wasn’t constantly bombarding us with works that top the charts.

The greatest quarterback of all time has a watch collection to match his impeccable athletic record. This week I participated in another firefighting competition: 2006 Richard Mille Platinum RM 012. Only 30 pieces of this classic RM watch are produced, housed in a tonneau-shaped case and equipped with a tourbillon. This model also represented the watch industry for the first time – if you look closely at the movement, you’ll see that there is no traditional base plate holding the components together, but rather a series of Phynox composite tubes suspended in a mesh structure.

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It’s a real men’s watch that took two years of development, but it’s also incredibly hyped. Some watch enthusiasts love Richard Mille, while others think they are over the top and ridiculously expensive (think: over $1 million). Regardless of where one stands on this argument, there is no denying that these watches offer dazzling complexity, thought-provoking design, and impressive performance. Often seen on the wrist of Rafael Nadal, they are a timepiece that is truly worth checking out and keeps ticking.

But back to Brady. It would be one thing if this $500,000 sci-fi style watch was the only one in this person’s collection. But just recently, we spotted him wearing a Rolex Day-Date with a special Arabic dial. Another version of the same model in a different configuration; the Rolex Day-Date “Emoji”; another new, highly sought-after Rolex; a range of IWC watches (to be fair, he’s an ambassador for the brand); and more many. He’s openly stated to us that he’s not much of a collector of art, wine, cigars, or cars, but watches seem to be a different story. In addition to his 20-plus IWC watches, the man clearly loves a good Rolex, as well as a good high-end LE, such as the Richard Mille RM 012.

Now that he’s retired from the NFL and apparently from his professional commitments to the IWC, we have no idea what other wrist candies Brady will be wearing next. However, one thing is for sure: if you don’t do this, you won’t get Arabic dates and obscure RMs What a damn love watch. This guy is clearly a dedicated collector and it’s sure to be exciting to watch his collecting journey unfold.

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Provided by Chopard

Mads Mikkelsen’s Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono

Mickelson wore Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono to attend the Venice International Film Festival premiere Bastaden (the promised land, English) this week. The 57-year-old Dane often plays challenging left-of-center roles, such as a man trapped in the wilderness. Arctic, Or Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the TV series hannibal. Although not as famous as chronographs from brands such as Rolex, Omega, and Audemars Piguet, the Alpine Eagle XL Chrono is still a fascinating watch; it has a rose gold case and a three-hand chronograph with date. It’s a fitting, low-key choice for the talented actor.

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J Balvin’s Patek Philippe Nautilus

The Prince of Reggae turned heads in an all-pink outfit at the US Open, and it’s one of the most gorgeous Patek Philippe watches we’ve ever seen. His Nautilus reference 5719/10G is not only a platinum version of one of the most difficult timepieces in the world to source; It’s also completely “frozen”, with diamonds adorning every imaginable surface. (By one count, it’s studded with more than 1,300 gems.) Retailing for more than $500,000, it’s probably not the Nautilus one wants for a quick dip in the ocean, despite the collection’s nautical name. (Then again, the guy already has 18 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 — he can do whatever he wants with his watch.)

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Courtesy of Rolex

Marcus Rashford’s Rolex Day-Date 36 ‘Puzzle Dial’

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford wore the most controversial piece of Rolex’s new collection at this year’s Watches & Wonders trade show: the Day-Date 36 “Emoji.” This special version of the brand’s famous “President” watch is available in a variety of metals and features a puzzle-shaped dial, each made of a different color of enamel. Meanwhile, the date wheel has been replaced by a wheel with various emojis, and the day of the week window displays uplifting words like “gratitude” and “love.” People including John Mayer and Tom Brady are in favor of it.

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Courtesy of Cartier

Cartier Tank Normale by Jacob Elordi

this Euphoria Heartthrob turns up at Sofia Coppola’s Venice International Film Festival premiere Priscilla Dressed to the nines: Black Valentino Formal and 18K Yellow Gold Cartier Tank Normale. The Normale is based on the original Cartier Tank watch designed during World War I, with a case that is noticeably more angular than its successor, the Tank Louis, as well as other more modern models. But it’s attached to a simple leather strap that can be worn with just about anything, and it’s one of the best watches in the world.

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