Top 10 Timothée Chalamet Movies


Don’t look up

Adam McKay


V disaster movie Adam McKay in a cast to shake his wrists (from Leonardo DiCaprio to Jennifer Lawrence passing through queen Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett), Chalamet is Yul, a figure skater who grew up in an evangelical family. Mullet a la Joe Exotic and the standard flipped hat get along with Explorer Lawrence against the backdrop of the end of the world. A support what remains.


Lady Bird

Greta Gerwig


After a small part of Interstellar (2014) and above all a blockbuster call me by your name (2017, see below), Greta Gerwig’s feature-length debut is a film that confirms that Timmy is on the critics’ radar. V coming of age semi-autobiographical film by one of the most neglected directors of recent years, Chalamet supports the beautiful Saoirse Ronan: her character is a self-absorbed and superficial teenager, but he is able to go far beyond the “ordinary” Bad guy beautiful out teen movie.

But where are you going if you don’t have Shakespeare in your program. If Timothy’s looks are more fluid and modern than ever, in this medieval Netflix drama he sacrifices his curls for a bowl cut by Henry “Hal” V of England. Who inherited the throne from his father and has to wage war with France, but does not want to take on all these duties. King it also entered the gossip chronicles, thanks to our story with Lily-Rose Depp, his co-star. Hm.


Rainy day in New York

Woody Allen


In the midst of a #MeToo panic attack as a rising star (recklessly), Chalamet disowned Woody (shame!). And we’ll probably never really be able to forgive him for that. Also because the director crafted the perfect romantic comedy for him, in which ours plays an Upper East Side scion (his name is Gatsby, shout it) who accompanies his girlfriend (Elle Fanning) to Manhattan to interview a famous director (Liev Schreiber ). This is where one starts rounds sentimental (featuring also the charming Selena Gomez) in which Timmy trains at full speed.


French dispatch

Wes Anderson


An image that remains the most etched homage to past journalism To Wes is the same (in black and white) as Chalamet facing the camera, with crazy hair and a cigarette in his mouth. Despite a stellar cast (and with a certain percentage of Oscar-winning awards), Timothy makes his mark as a student named Zeffirelli (!) an activist and dreamer, falling perfectly into the impassive irony of the Texas author. Even the chemistry with journalist Frances McDormand, unexpected and non-standard, works. introductory part.


Small woman

Greta Gerwig


Timothee Chalamet embodies the impossible role of Laurie, the romantic hero of the March sisters, like no other, endowing him with innate charm, vulnerability and a touch of light weirdo. When he and Ronan (Joe’s alias: now she and Timmy are an award-winning troupe) walk on stage together, the screen lights up: you see the rejection scene, it’s amazing. And even moments with Florence Pugh (Amy) pam-pum. Immersed in Gerwig’s pragmatic feminism, Timmy shines, but leaves the protagonists what the protagonists own.


A handsome boy

Felix van Gröningen


In a family drama taken from memoirs Nick Scheff, Chalamet plays the protagonist who can’t get over his drug addiction despite the unconditional love and support of his father (great Steve Carell). In this heartbreaking adaptation To Felix van Gröningen (whom he would later send eight mountains together with his wife) reveals all the sensuality of an actor nominated for all the most important awards (SAG, BAFTA, Golden Globe), but ignored (somewhat sensationally) by the Academy.



Denis Villeneuve


Timothy’s choice for the role of Paul Atreides is undeniable: aristocratic, but strange (again, and because Frank Herbert’s iconic novel was basically an eco-allegory that also speaks of our planet in perpetual ecological crisis), alien but vulnerable, chill but never far. And, between the immediately iconographic worlds and Denis Villeneuve’s classic yet cutting-edge action scenes, we’re waiting to see more of him on screen with Zendaya in Chapter 2. It is a pity that due to the strikes of writers and actors, it will be released only in 2024.


Bones and all

Luca Guadagnino


Such as Guadagnino with Chalamet, no one ever. In a Venice 79 entry for which an author Italy never truly deserved won the Silver Lion for Directing, Timmy is a young cannibal Lee in the symmetrical and opposite role of Elio di call me by your name (see below). In this round, in fact, he is the smartest, guide Maren (the magnificent Taylor Russell) in the world of people who cut off fingers and rip out hearts in order to survive. And his Lee knows how to seduce his prey, but at the same time be romantic and gentle. And yes, it’s ok.


call me by your name

Luca Guadagnino


There are films that mark eras, invent genres, and launch careers. In today’s cinema, this happens infrequently, but call me by your name this is one of those. Timothy as Elio, a 17-year-old boy who, on a very hot summer in Creme, falls in love with Oliver (Armie Hammer), his father’s art student. Chalamet lives on and makes us (again) relive the miracle, the hormone (did someone say peach?) and the agony of first love. Best Actor Oscar nomination (he’s the third youngest nominee in Academy history), with screenwriter – and what a screenwriter – James Ivory even showing up to the ceremony with Timmy’s face embroidered on his shirt. A star has been born the likes of which has not been seen since the days of DiCaprio.

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