Universal Music celebrates 50 years of hip-hop


Starting from August, Universal Music Group celebrates i 50 years of hip hop, was born according to experts on August 11, 1973 in the West Bronx. On this occasion, a special logo made by the legend was released. Eric Hayes who was one of the leading artists of this genre. With this token of recognition, most of the productions scheduled to celebrate the anniversary will be launched, including special playlists on Spotify and new vinyls in store.

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Among the vinyl records there will be many cult albums that will be available again in Italy years later, limited and special editions focusing on Italian and American rap, from the old and new school periods, such as:

Listen to special playlists: from the old school of Italian rap to the present day

Collaboration with Eric Hayes

Eric Hayes designed the logo that will accompany the 50th anniversary celebration of hip hop. The artist is known for creating key album logos and visual effects for i. Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, EPMD, MTV.

Hayes said he was very flattered by the request: “These 50 years are an incredible milestone for those who have grown up in the hip-hop community since its inception. We always knew it would last. Its power cannot be denied as it continues to evolve and surprise.“.

When was hip hop born?

Originating on the streets and in public parks, rap music became a spontaneous mass art in the 1970s and took its place in popular culture as a passing soundtrack for generation after generation. The experts agreed that the exact birth date of hip-hop is August 11, 1973 when at 1520 Sadwick Avenue in the West Bronx, DJ Cool Herc started playing records at a party hosted by her older sister. His name was taken from the Kool brand of cigarettes and from Hercules, the hero with whom he shared his mass. From that evening he settled in New York. this form of counterculture which gradually found its place all over the world.

Every decade had its own main star: yes Public Enemy and LL Cool in the 80s a Onyx and Salr-n-Pepa in the 90s, until the new century with icons Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. Along the way, artists have won GRAMMY awards, collected diamond certifications, and filled stadiums and arenas, making hip-hop’s voice immortal.

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Last update: 02/08/2023

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