Web3: The biggest pitfalls in the NFT industry

With the recent steep fall in the value of nft of justin bieber, Web3 Industry’s Top 10 Celebrity NFT Losses Seen by Bitcoin Casinos Gary V and Logan Paul at the top of the depreciation list.

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Celebrity NFTs: Gary Vee and Logan Paul Top Web3 Industry Leaks

As predicted, the NFT market is set to face a dramatic downturn in 2022, resulting in a massive drop Loss For many celebrities and athletes. Notably, Justin Bieber is in the top three in terms of biggest celebrity NFT losses, with more $1.2 million.

Then, Gary V suffered the biggest celebrity loss on a single NFT, posting an article about $3.8 million. Meanwhile, Logan Paul’s NFTs suffer biggest drop in the world 99.9995% of original value.

As we know, the cryptocurrency and NFT market was booming in 2022 with many top celebrities jumping into this new form of investment.

Justin Bieber, Gary Vaynerchuk, Logan Paul and many others have Invested millions in NFTs, But a year later it turned out that many of these investment decisions were ill-advised.

Collection ,bored ape yacht club, It has been particularly badly hit, with a collective devaluation of 88% over the past two years.

cryptocurrencies too Ethereum It lost a dramatic 82%, adding to investor losses.

Justin Bieber purchased one NFT from the “Bored Ape Yacht Club” collection, number 3001, worth $1,301,550 at the time of purchase. Since then, the NFT has lost 95.65% in value to a low $56,560.

Some celebrities have found great success in the NFT market, but many others have suffered heavy losses. Eminem, Neymar, Snoop Dogg, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Serena Williams and Marshmello are just some of the stars who have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the NFT market.

Gary Vee, Logan Paul, Neymar and more: All the pitfalls in terms of NFTs

Although he initially argued that NFTs were not a passing fad, Gary Vaynerchuk has seen a significant loss in value since his purchase. cryptopunk #2140making it the largest celebrity leak in a single NFT

Despite warnings that many NFT projects would be bad investments, Vaynerchuk remained confident in the bigger picture of the market. They knew the NFT market was expected to collapse, with many buyers looking to make a quick buck through the secondary market.

For them, however, the true utility of NFTs as collectibles and contracts will be their continued presence in society. Even then logan paul Currently holds the title of the largest discount NFT in the world.

after buying a Bumble Bee NFT For $667,000, its value dropped to just $10, a loss of 99.9985%, which equates to $660,990 in net losses. Too neymarThe PSG player suffered the biggest NFT loss among footballers.

By purchasing Bored Ape Yacht Club #5259 for $569,531 in January 2022, the NFT lost 89.81% of its value, making it currently worth just $58,039 under the minimum NFT collectible prices.

Celebrity NFT prices and sales can be tracked online through platforms such as open sea, Providing information about celebrity-endorsed NFTs to the public and disclosing any disadvantages or benefits.

Despite the difficulties of the NFT market and its extreme volatility, Gary Wei, Logan Paul and Neymar maintain a long-term outlook, believing that the NFT world is still a viable option. promising futureHowever the final score is yet to be established.


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