Weird news of Lionel Messi having to leave to play for Argentina national team VICE: ‘It would have been faster’

s story Lionel Messi is a movie. Through hard work and progress since childhood until winning the World Cup Qatar 2022, his ultimate dream. However, there are also protagonists who, although historically transcendent, are often hidden.Fabián Soldini was the one who took him barcelona And stayed with him until his debut.

He went to Lionel Messi’s restaurant, asked for the “golden ball” and broke it: “Hardly”

In a video, he showed off the wonderful experience of dining in Messi’s restaurant dedicated to fans.

When no one trusted Leo, from then on Newell’s He emerged when Soldini decided not to pay for treatment for his growth defect. During a meeting with Jorge, the father of leprosy, he was responsible for vaccines and flights to Spain.

Once there, he is already very close to taking the first step into Masia as Messi’s first representative. The Spanish team has repeatedly tempted the youngster from RosarioBut he always refused because he wanted to play in his country’s jersey, the Albiceleste.

So little Xingxing had to leave His vice, Coca-Cola. Soldini advised him to “leave Coca until the national team calls”. Indeed.Leo made a promise of his own, although it was not what they expected: “I thought it would be quick, I’m already fifteen, but I haven’t taken it for a long time“.

The representative explained that Messi was not considered by the Albiceleste team and that his frustrations were building as he could only make his debut against Paraguay in 2004 and make a stunning debut against Hungary in 2005. Debut in Grand Slam tournament.

Scaloni explains why Messi wasn’t even on the bench against Bolivia

Lionel Scaloni reveals Lionel Messi told him he wasn’t feeling well In the second match of the South American qualifiers against Bolivia in La Paz, which the Argentine national team won 3-0, Rosario players did not even appear on the bench.

‘Let him keep having sex’: Dib Martinez’s rant on Lionel Messi after win over Bolivia

Eldib Martinez used a very poignant phrase to define Lionel Messi after the first doubleheader of the South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

“He told me personally that he wasn’t feeling well,” the coach said in a statement ESPN And added: “It doesn’t make sense (for him), it’s a difficult stop and it doesn’t make sense to go in at height and even risk it.”

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