What are the benefits of tarragon and how to eat it

he tarragon Is a Grass Aromas that stand out for their diversity health benefitsespecially for stimulation appetite.

Its scientific name is tarragon, although it is also known as dragon grass. It is characterized by its shiny green leaves and grows in the form of a shrub. They can reach a length of just over a meter.

Due to its characteristic aniseed and spicy aroma, it is used culinary purposes, especially suitable for seasoning meat, fish, sauces, stews and vegetables. It is available in both fresh and dried versions.

However, this is not its only use: it is also used for Properties for treating different conditionswhich makes it natural medicine Over the centuries, in different parts of the world. In recent years, these qualities have been confirmed through scientific research.

One of the main benefits tarragon yes it helps stimulate appetitelower the level leprosy This creates a feeling of fullness.

Therefore, it can help seniors who have lost their appetite and need nutrients through their diet, and seniors who tend to feel full quickly due to medical treatment.

Tarragon has a variety of health benefits.Tarragon has a variety of health benefits.

his attributes carminative Conducive to the discharge of gas, it is also used as diuretics For those who must eliminate water and salt from the body.Additionally, it prevents ulcer and can effectively treat gastritis.

he tarragon It also helps to control glucose.According to research published in the journal botanical medicineTarralin, an ethanol extract of tarragon, “has anti-hyperglycemic activity and a potential role in the treatment of diabetes diabetes status“.

Another study published in National Library of Medicine Reported benefits exist insulin control Patients who consumed tarragon before breakfast and dinner for 90 days.

Tarragon is used to stimulate appetite.Tarragon is used to stimulate appetite.

Due to its menstrual properties, tarragon Suitable for women with irregular waist. menstrual cycleas it stimulates blood flow to the pelvic and uterine areas.

For the following situations rheumatic diseases Such as arthritis, tarragon Proven to have anti-harm properties, Reduce the intensity of pain.

How to eat tarragon

In the field of food, tarragon It is usually used in dried form for seasoning and seasoning preparations, although some recipes recommend using it fresh.

They can also use dried leaves Prepare for infusion. You need one tablespoon of leaves per cup of boiling water.

An infusion can be prepared from dried tarragon leaves. Photo: iStock.An infusion can be prepared from dried tarragon leaves. Photo: iStock.

Although no secondary risks of tarragon consumption have been identified, it is recommended Avoid excessive and prolonged use In infusions based on this herb.

In this sense, it is important Consult a doctor Keep in mind that the benefits they offer are complementary and in no way replace the treatment indicated by a health professional.

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