Who are the Follies? Band biography

THAT follia I’m a band born in 2022 that doesn’t set limits for itself in terms of language and sound. A meeting place for the essence of pop music and dreamlike and dystopian worlds. The group consists of: Alessio Bernabei (vocals), Francesco Pierozzi (guitar), Alessandro Presti (bass) and Riccardo Ruiu (drums).

Their songs feature Powerpop, Synthwave and alternative rock influences, inspired by The Cure, Michael Jackson, Imagine Dragons, The 1975, David Bowie and The Weeknd.

“The Follyas were born out of an astral reunion, we felt the absence of the context of the group, so a kind of law of attraction worked. During these two years of the pandemic, we have all come to terms with ourselves. One October evening, Riccardo created a WhatsApp chat called “Dear Jack(?)”. It all started with extreme simplicity, with the desire and need to return to the joint creation of music. There was so much enthusiasm around the project, a hodgepodge of new ideas that had nothing to do with the past, that we decided to start completely from scratch. Then, working in the studio, “Morto per te” was born with the same immediacy.”: Revealed the day after their debut.

Since March 2022, they have released 5 singles: 5 episodes that give a glimpse of their production and are waiting for the release of the first unreleased album in 2023. It all started with a single. Dead to youfollowed by the following It’s OK, Suit, Mister AND toxic.

(last updated: August 23, 2023)

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